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Starline Computer GmbH Company Building
Starline Computer GmbH Company Building

About us

Starline Computer has more than 30 years of professional experience with data storage systems - having been in the storage and server business since 1982. We are one of the first companies to completely dedicate ourselves to storage and server solutions. This guarantees our partners a maximum of competence.

Starline provides complete virtualization and storage solutions such as SAN, RAID, NAS, IP storage, servers, tape libraries and autoloaders, RAID controllers, FC switches, backup software, HBAs and more.

Experience since 1982 - Milestones of Starline Computer GmbH

1982 Foundation of the „Computer Speichersysteme GmbH“ in Leinfelden/Echterdingen near Stuttgart
1990 „Computer Speichersysteme GmbH“ becomes „Starline Computer GmbH"
1990 The current managing director Carsten Wilde starts his career at Starline
1992 Development of SCSI storage solutions for the printer port
1994 Starline introduces the first Infortrend SCSI RAID controller to the European market
1997 Starline offers the first ATA disk-based RAID systems from easyRAID in the German market
2001 Starline moves to larger premises in Kirchheim unter Teck
2003 Starline introduces the first internal Areca RAID systems to the European market
2004 Starline introduces the first RAID level 6 PCI controller from Areca
2005 QLogic honors Starline as „EMEA Signature Partner of the Year"
2005 Expansion of the company premises for additional office and warehouse space
2008 Starline introduces the first NASdeluxe iSCS /NAS systems
2009 Starline creates „Enterprise Storage Solutions” team to advise customers with complex storage solutions
2009 Starline becomes a direct partner of Toshiba
2010 Starline becomes VMware partner „Enterprise Solution Provider“
2010 Starline launches the first Zealbox server based on Supermicro to the market
2011 Open-E honors Starline as the first ever „Gold Partner“ worldwide
2012 Starline becomes DataCore partner „Systembuilder“
2012 Starline becomes a direct partner of Seagate
2012 Veeam awards Starline the „Veeam Gold Pro Partner“
2013 Starline becomes a „Citrix Ready Partner“
2014 Dr. Tim Ganser joins the company as managing director
2014 Infortrend celebrates the 20th anniversary of Starline as its most experienced distributor
2015 The Zealbox servers by Starline are certified for DataCore, FalconStor, VMware and Windows Server 2016
2015 Starline becomes „DataCore Silver Solution Partner“
2016 Starline is named the first „Open-E Platinum Partner“ worldwide
2017 Employees in the Sales and Production Department celebrate 20 year anniversaries at Starline
2017 Starline delivers first GPU server
2018 Starline becomes „DataCore Gold Partner“
2018 Starline sponsors „Ceph Days Germany”
2018 Two employees in the Sales Department celebrate 25 year anniversaries at Starline
2018 Starline's quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015
2019 Starline celebrates 25 years of partnership with Infortrend
2019 Starline showcases its Ceph solutions at Cloud Fest in Rust for the first time
2020 An employee from the service department celebrates 25th anniversary at Starline
2020 Starline receives "Best Customer Retention 2019" award from DataCore