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Starline-leasing - added value for our customers

Whether a large enterprise, small business, freelancers or public sector - to create customized financing solutions liquidity and greater scope for entrepreneurial decisions and competitiveness.

In today's business it is of crucial importance to keep ahead. Changing demands of the market or the conquest of new markets often requires the use of latest technologies and this is always associated with investments that have to be financed by the company.

The starline Computer GmbH offers its customers leasing concepts that can be made so that business ideas and plans can be turned into successful investments.

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Advantages of the Starline-leasing

  • no high acquisition cost Instead, monthly fixed operating expenses are paid, which are fully deductible as business expenses
  • little capital is tied up there. The danger that technology will be used for more than a reasonable technological need to take advantage of the depreciation period is avoided
  • to promote the liquidity and the preservation of credit lines are more positive effects
  • short lead times enable you and your customers always to stay up with the latest technology.
  • in contrast to the purchase, in which the life cycle of a product is usually set to around five years, with our leasing concepts innovation cycles can be reduced. The result for the company is to achieve higher technical and especially financial flexibility