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Infortrend-System mit Remote Replication und Disaster Recovery im Maschinenbau

Starline macht Maschinenbauer-Storage wieder flott

Almost endlessly running backups and a lack of performance of the entire system drew the attention of precision tool manufacturer SIMTEK from the picturesque town of Mössingen to Starline. By the way, this turned into a successful Swabian-Swabian cooperation.

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Mit Infortrend-Systemen zu einer performanten Absicherung im Maschinenbau

Ohne Wartezeiten und besser gesichert

The storage system previously purchased from another supplier at the headquarters of SIMTEK Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH decreased visibly over the years. A backup of the merchandise management system, for example, sometimes took all night. So occasionally the business could still be stopped the next morning. In the milling and turning tool industry, such mandatory breaks can sometimes cost orders. The responsible IT expert Mr. Schwarz was therefore quite upset.

A call to Starline and the experts got started: the experienced sales staff and consulting technicians found a solution to remedy the performance bottleneck From this, they immediately developed a cost-effective solution for the customer, so that SIMTEK was able to keep its existing storage system: With the use of fast SSDs, the data stock was quickly moved. As a result, a considerable memory increase in the server’s RAM also had an immediate effect. This halved the backup duration from then on.

Infortrend RAID for mechanical engineering

However, the biggest security benefit for the company was the four newly installed ESDS-1012G2 RAIDs from Infortrend. Finally, two of them mirror each other via remote replication. In the event of a malfunction, they guarantee rapid recovery via Disaster Recovery (DR).

But SIMTEK has also secured itself for the really tough tasks via Starline: A service contract “Onsite Service Next-Business-Day” guarantees that a technician will be on the mat the next working day to find and correct any faults.

Safety is the top priority at SIMTEK, not only for the high-performance tool systems such as the polygonal milling machine, but also for the important production data. In the end, the cooperation between Starline and SIMTEK turned into a true success story, which will continue.

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SIMTEK Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH was founded in 1994. The founding members and current shareholders together look back on more than 20 years of experience. Research, development and production of high-precision turning, milling and slotting tools, mainly for the machining of slots, are their profession.

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