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The innovative Data Storage Software (DSS V7) from Open-E is a Linux-based storage software, which controls numerous storage protocols such as iSCSI, FC, NAS, NDMP and storage functions like snapshots. Due to the logical constructed web interface, the management of the DSS is extremely user-friendly.

Especially interesting: an active-active failover function is standardly integrated for tailed volumes via iSCSI and NAS.

Attached hosts get connected with their drives via a virtual IP and in case of a failure of the primary storage server they can continue to work seamlessly on a secondary storage server. The active-passive failover is included in the basic license, the active-active failover requires an additional license.

Headquarter and German support is in Munich. The Starline Computer GmbH is an OEM platinum partner.

other NASdeluxe systems certified by Open-E.
NASdeluxe systems certified by Open-E


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