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PetaSAN - The High Performance iSCSI Cluster, A Solution That Grows With Your Needs

Starline has launched a new Open Source Scale-Out SAN solution for its customers: PetaSAN. The choice of Starline’s product managers in favor of PetaSAN is based on its enormous flexibility. The cluster solution can not only be expanded variably, it also grows with its tasks. In other words, each additional unit not only increases capacity but also performance.

PetaSAN is a new Open Source Scale-Out SAN solution which uses modern technologies that power many cloud deployments. The system is agile, scalable and provides data resilience, thanks to the advanced AI that is provided by PetaSAN’s Ceph-based architecture. This allows for the addition of storage nodes at any time without interruption.


PetaSAN is designed to provide the user with highly available,
clustered iSCSI hard disks. Multi-path iSCSI disks, each of which can be identified by a virtual IP address, provide fast I/O and link redundancy. With PetaSAN the iSCSI drives are mapped by Ceph to multiple physical drives iScreenshot PetaSANn the cluster. In the event of node failure those virtual IPs can be dynamically moved from one node to another in a client-transparent manner.

PetaSAN is ideal for deployments that require high parallel I/O operations. Examples of use cases with high I/O demands are:

  • Big Data analytics
  • VMware vSphere deployments
  • MS Hyper-V implementations
  • Scalable shared file systems such as MS Scale-Out File Server (SOFS)
  • Database servers with multiple parallel transactions per second

PetaSAN excels when it comes to providing users with a highly available, clustered iSCSI storage that is easy to deploy and a breeze to manage. It makes things easy for system administrators by providing an intuitive point-and-click management interface while also allowing power users full access to the underlying system via command line.

PetaSAN can be fully integrated with modern Open Source IT infrastructure automation and management solutions such as Ansible, Puppet, SaltStack and more.

Reliable support from Starline
In case of questions and for troubleshooting, Starline will provides you with full first-level support: You can reach us by email or telephone five days a week for nine hours each.