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Datacore SANsymphony-V

With the DataCore solution SANsymphony heterogeneous storage systems are centrally combined to extend features like scaleable failover, snapshots and Thin-Provisioning. DataCore gets along with all storage systems, which provide
block-based data - whether via FC or iSCSI.

SANsymphony offers two different license models. So the software can be operated, in addition to the conventional installation as gateway- or storage appliance, as a virtual instance. DataCore is the first provider which connects virtual SAN installations with physical installations.

Datacore is available as a standalone system and also as a HA grid (with disaster recovery).

DataCore pooling and management

DataCore caching

Accelerating of the SAN accesses and enhancement of utilization

Beside the standardization the use of SANsymphony involves another benefit:

The DataCore Storage Domain Server (SDS) answers directly incoming requests via the cache. Therefore it makes sense to make the cache of storages as large as possible in band virtualizations. Cost effective storage systems can thus provide much higher performance. Through synchronization between the storage servers the consistency is maintained.

Through Thin Provisioning the storage can be presented logically higher (then physically actually exists). Through this method connected servers will be presented a larger drive, as actual really exists. If limited memory space  is available, the administrator gets notified and is possible connect more space, completely transparent for connected servers. Changes to the application level are not required, downtimes are dropped.

DataCore caching
DataCore caching

DataCore AIM

Replication of critical data

With the AIM function (Asynchronous IP Mirroring) disaster recovery scenarios can be easily realized. Over one or more IP connections virtual volumes will be replicated in a remote location. If there is, for example in the headquarter, a complete power failure usually all fire areas are affected - the complete production will be stopped. To access the data in the first step and, if needed, to replay the data in a second step, AIM is used.

DataCore AIM
DataCore AIM

DataCore for your environment

The entry and switching into the storage virtualization requires precise planning and includes numerous subregion: What should be achieved? Which datas should be migrated? Which application requires which service level?

We work out a tailor-made DataCore concept for you.


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