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Open-E DSS V7

Universal and scaleable

Open-E DSS V7 is a Linux-based data storage software used for building and managing centralized data storage servers. A robust NAS and SAN storage OS that offers excellent compatibility with industry standards, supports various hardware setups and is easy to use and manage.


    • Simple administration
    • Easy-to-use WebGUI
    • Best stability on Linux platforms
    • Compatibility with industry standards
    • Continuous data protection
    • High availability over 2 nodes


      • Active-Active Failover NFS / iSCSI (Feature Pack)
      • Active-Passive Failover
      • Full Hyper-V Cluster Support
      • Volume Replication
      • Snapshots
      • Continuous Data Protection
      • Storage Virtualization
      • VMware Ready and Citrix Ready certifications

        NASdeluxe 4000R/L are certified for Open-E JovianDSS

        The NASdeluxe iSCSI/NAS systems are very flexible, OS-independent storage systems. For organizations of all sizes, the NASdeluxe systems offer NAS, iSCSI and FC (target and initiator) functionality with enhanced management and superior reliability.The 6/12 Gbps RAID controller enables the simultaneous use of SSDs, fast 15 k SAS- and/or high-capacity 7.2 k SATA-HDDs. Moreover, this RAID controller achieves very high data transfer rates. Administration is simplified via an easy-to-use web GUI that is made secure by SSL.


          • Premium-quality components
          • Redundant PSUs
          • High availability with RAID level 6
          • Modular expandability with additional I/O cards
          • Expandability with JBODs via SAS expansion port
          • NFS / iSCSI failover for high availability with two systems
          • Optional active-active NFS / iSCSI cluster