A virtual SAN in no time with StorMagic

Focus on edge computing and data centers

From the StorMagic solution SvSAN, we have developed an overall software-defined storage concept for you: Our virtual SAN runs on two or more servers and provides shared storage with high availability. This also simplifies the IT infrastructure, as a physical SAN is now obsolete. In other words, pure hyperconvergence: The internal computing and memory performance of each x86 server is virtualized and combined into a common memory by a hypervisor.

The sophisticated software thus also facilitates IT storage, as it is neither complex, expensive nor difficult to manage. At StorMagic, the focus is always on providing simple virtual memory – and Starline delivers.

  • Suitable for vSphere ESXi, Hyper-V and KVM
  • VMs are easy to migrate
  • High performance through VM load balancing
  • Central management
virtual SAN

Synchronous mirroring permanently secures branches

SvSAN makes critical processes non-critical

StorMagic SvSAN ensures that critical processes and systems in an enterprise run 24 hours a day, from headquarters to its most remote locations. This means there is no longer any risk of losing productivity and revenue due to IT hardware failures – data is secure and available at all times.

It also keeps retailers’ POS (point of sale) systems online, even if a server goes down. The inventory software continues to run while the IT staff carries out regular maintenance. For example, wind turbine sensors are still online when a power failure paralyzes the data center.

  • Highly available security
  • Access to Shared Storage
  • Simplified IT infrastructure
  • Metro Cluster Support
virtual SAN StorMagic

Focus on CAPEX and OPEX

Saving costs and increasing safety at the same time

With its low hardware requirements and easy management, SvSAN saves time and money. This also reduces investment (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) by at least 40 percent in each case – and depending on the expansion stage even by a good deal more.

  • Less physical hardware required
  • Reduced costs for maintenance and servicing
  • Saves on power and cooling
  • Ideal for small budgets and space requirements


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In 2018, Bernd Widmaier celebrated his 25th anniversary with Starline. With great experience and broad knowledge – combined with high customer orientation – he heads our sales team. However, he also contributes plenty to sales himself and frequently represents Starline externally at events. The VFB fan has an excellent knowledge of various vertical markets, such as Mac, video storage and media streaming, which earns him the exhibition booth support at the IBC in Amsterdam every year.

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