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Monday, 27. May 2019 Starline presents the new top class from TopRAID - powered by NEC

In the first league of reliability there are news to announce: TopRAID, Starline's high-end brand, has been refreshed. Now the M120 and M320 RAID systems, equipped with all the finesses, are available in a new edition with even...[more]

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Monday, 20. May 2019 Solide, modular, sicher, schnell: Starline favorisiert Multilayer Fabric Switch MDS 9132T von Cisco

Starline hat für Enterprise-Anwendungen den erweiterbaren managed Rackmount-Switch MDS 9132T von Cisco ins Programm aufgenommen. Das mit vielen Vorteilen ausgestattete Schalttalent wächst mit seinen Aufgaben und ist überaus...[more]

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Friday, 10. May 2019 Starline ist "Fibre Channel Champion of the Year"

Auf dem Broadcom European Channel Partner Meeting in Hamburg hat Starline den "Fibre Channel Champion of the Year"-Award erhalten. Thomas Pavel, Director Sales Channel EMEA gratulierte Starline am 9. Mai im Radisson Blu...[more]

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Wednesday, 17. April 2019 New at Starline: Netstor NS388P - the Turbo for High Performance Data Centers

Netstor has designed a JBOF (Just a Bunch of Flash) that can be equipped with NVMe drives for particularly performance-hungry applications. The 2HE JBOF NS388P is able to transfer up to 256 Gigabit per second to docked servers...[more]

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Friday, 05. April 2019 Infortrend spendiert Käufern von DS 1000/2000-Modellen die Lizenzen im Wert von mehreren tausend Euro

Infortrend gönnt seinen Klienten knackige Frühlings-Rabatte für die Topseller-Serie DS 1000 und DS 2000. Starline-Kunden können sich bis zum Ende des Jahres 2019 beim Kauf eines Modells dieser Serien dauerhaft die ausgesprochen...[more]

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Tuesday, 12. March 2019 2300 megabytes per second fast and eight joules per second economical: The new 12 Gbps SAS-HBA ARC-1330 from Areca

Starline has added the new Areca host bus adapter to its product range. The slim low-profile candidate transports SAS data twice as fast as its predecessor to docked DAS systems, but at the same low price.[more]

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Monday, 04. March 2019 Starline celebrates 25 years of partnership with Infortrend while setting a new record

In 1994, Starline introduced the first Infortrend SCSI RAID controller to the European market. More precisely, it was the IFT-3000 SCSI to SCSI Disk Array Controller that was already capable of RAID levels 0, 1, 3 and 5 at that...[more]

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