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17.04.2018 08:30 Age: 2 Jahr(e)

Slim, flexible and efficient: Starline relies on ASUS 2U GPU servers

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In the ESC4000 G3 GPU server driven by Intel Xeon processors, up to four double-deck GPU cards perform the floating point computing work. Its RAID mass storage with eight LFF SATA slots, redundant power supplies and 8+2 PCI-E slots complete the harmonious equipment list. The fast server offers grandiose computing power, enormous scalability and high energy efficiency.

High-density computing is specifically designed to accommodate more computing power in a rack. The ESC4000 G3 with its two height units easily achieves this, as it can accommodate up to four graphics cards with double height and thus has an extremely high power density.


The ESC4000 G3 supports up to eight PCI-E Gen3 x16 slots. This results in high expandability and great compatibility with many expansion cards. The server works with a large number of GPU cards (NVIDIA Tesla, Grid and AMD FirePro S series). Additionally, there is a PCI-E Gen3 x 24 slot, in which two low-profile HBAs or proprietary network cards with FDR and 10GbE interfaces can be inserted using a riser board.


Comprehensive RAID solutions from ASUS ensure data security. For example, the GPU server supports the optional ASUS PIKE II Upgrade Kit. These RAID controllers also control fast 12 Gbit/s SAS drives.


The new Intelligent System Fan III ventilation design improves the airflow for CPUs and GPUs, ensuring high operational reliability. Just like the redundantly designed 80 PLUS platinum-level power supplies in the ESC4000 G3. With 2000 W and 1620 W 80 PLUS they provide the necessary energy for the required computing tasks.


The developers paid special attention to user guidance. The ESC4000 G3 has a visible Q-code/Port 80 LED display for easy monitoring of the entire boot process, from the early hardware startup phases to operating system boot-up and beyond. This enables administrators to capture the system initialization status in seconds via the BIOS. Users can also immediately diagnose the system through a POST code message in the POST phase.


The newly added GPU server ESC4000 G3 from ASUS is ideally suited for applications in medicine, engineering, financial simulation and of course virtualization. Besides the ESC4000 G3, Starline also offers the big sister model ESC8000 G3 with eight GPU slots.



Technical Specifications





Processor / System Bus

2 x Socket R3 (LGA 2011-3)

Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4 product family (145W)

Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family(145W)

QPI 6.4 / 8.0 / 9.6 GT/s

*Refer to support page for more information

Core Logic

Intel C612 PCH


Memory Size :

* Refer to support page for more information

32GB, 8GB, 4GB, 16GB RDIMM


Memory Type :

1866/2400 /2133 /1600/1333 DDR4 RDIMM*1

NVDIMM DDR4 1600/2400 /2133 /1333/1866*1

1600/1333/2133 /1866/2400 DDR4 LRDIMM*1

Capacity : Maximum up to 1024GB LRDIMM

Total Slots : 16 (4-channel per CPU, 8 DIMM per CPU)

Expansion Slots

Total: 8 + 2


8 * PCI-E 3.0 x16 (4 at x16 Link or 8 at x8 Link) (Slot CPU1_PCIE2, CPU1_PCIE4, CPU2_PCIE1, CPU2_PCIE3 auto switch to x8 link if slot CPU1_PCIE1, CPU1_PCIE3, CPU2_PCIE2, CPU2_PCIE4 is occupied)

Half-length/Low-profile and ASUS proprietary form factor

1 * PCI-E 3.0 x24 (support with riser card)

(1 * PCI-E x16 (x8 Gen3 Link) and 1 * PCI-E x8 (x8 Gen3 Link))


SATA Controller :

Intel C612

8 x SATA3 6Gb/s ports

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise(RSTe) (For Windows Only)

(Support Software RAID 10, 5, 0, 1 )

LSI MegaRAID (For Linux/Windows)

(Support Software RAID 1, 0, 10 )

SAS Controller :

ASUS PIKE II 3008 8-port SAS HBA card(Optional)

Support with riser card

ASUS PIKE II 3108 8-port SAS HW RAID card(Optional)

HDD Bays

8 x Hot-swap 3.5" HDD Bays

Auxiliary Storage FDD/CD/DVD

1 x Slim-type Optical Drive Bay

Options: No Device / DVD-RW

(DVD-RW default for North America)


2 x Intel I210AT + 1 x Mgmt LAN


Optional kits:





Aspeed AST2400 with 32MB VRAM

Front I/O Ports

2 x USB 2.0 ports

Rear I/O Ports

3 x RJ-45 ports (One for ASMB8-iKVM)

2 x USB 3.0 ports

1 x VGA port

OS Support

Windows Server 2012 R2

RedHat Enterprise Linux

*Subject to change without any notice

Citrix XenServer



Windows Server 2012

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 SP1 64-bit


Management Solution

ASWM Enterprise

Default 1 x ASMB8-iKVM for KVM-over-Internet

Regulatory Compliance

BSMI, CE, FCC(Class A)


750mm x 444mm x 87mm (2U)

Form Factor


Power Supply

1+1 Redundant 1620W 80PLUS Platinum Power Supply;

1000W: 100-120Vac, 12-10A, 50-60Hz, Class I

1200W: 120-140Vac, 12-10A, 50-60Hz, Class I

1620W: 180-240Vac, 10.5-8A, 50-60Hz, Class I

Non operation humidity: 20% ~ 90% ( Non condensing)

Accessory Box

1 x MB Support DVD

1 X ASWM Enterprise DVD


1 x Bag of Screws

1 x AC Power Cable

8 x GPU air ducts

Optional Items

Second 1620W Redundant Power Supply Module (0A100-00230100)

ASUS PEB-10G/57811-1S (90SC05W0-M0UAY0)

ASUS PEB-10G/57840-2S (90SC05V1-M0UAY0)



*1 2133MT/s@1DPC only