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29.08.2018 09:33 Age: 2 Jahr(e)

Starline exhibits on the international stage - the IBC 2018 in Amsterdam

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With its wide range of highly potent hardware and efficient software, Starline is a must at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. The value-added distributor has therefore put together a suitable storage package for media representatives from radio, film and television. (Booth 7.D51)




Areca ARC-8050T3 SAN ecstasizes 4K Youtuber

Areca engineers have designed a new storage solution specifically for Thunderbolt 3 workgroups: The new Xsan central unit offers 24 drives, has five Thunderbolt 3 host ports (upgradable to 9 ports) and supports all RAID configurations. 4K videos can be safely stored on it and quickly accessed for editing.


The focus for small teams: NASdeluxe NDL-6704T/F

Starline developers have created a low-cost product-line based on the FreeNAS open source ZFS storage software. The result is an inexpensive and space-saving system that helps small teams focus on their project by taking care of their data safety. The solid hardware basis of Supermicro and ASUS guarantees high reliability and very good performance. The solution is fully upgradable and customisable according to customers’ requirements.


A storage cluster without growing pains: Ambedded Mars 400

In Ambedded's ingenious Ceph storage appliance, eight interconnected 64-bit micro-servers work together, so that they build a unified Ceph cluster. Three Mars 400s U1s can ensure highly available storage and data security. Media professionals will appreciate the impressive self-healing powers and unlimited scalability.


Zealbox GPU server powered by ASUS

Our floating point professionals calculate so fast that no ordinary server comes along. The Zealbox GPU servers from Starline can even be equipped with up to four GPU cards thanks to their ingenious heat management and thus easily reach over 50 teraflops. They can be used for scientific and economic simulations - but also for image and video processing.


Areca Systems out of the 8050T3 series for the field reports

From Areca there are several interesting storage devices for mobile applications to admire via the German general importer Starline: The stylish RAID systems of the ARC-8050 series already have Antarctic experience - thanks to natural scientists Laurent Ballesta and Vincent Munier. At the fair, the Starline team would therefore like to highlight the new edition of the series with Thunderbolt 3-Port. The compact memory cubes back up very fast huge amounts of data using Thunderbolt 3.


Fast peripherals for the cutting room: HBA ATTO ExpressSAS H1280 

Designed for enterprise applications, ATTO's H1280 host bus adapter transfers data to the PCIe 3.0 bus at 4 x 12 Gbps each via its two miniSAS HD ports. ATTO's ExpressSAS HBA offers high throughput for streaming applications such as tape backup and archiving, video post-production, geological surveys and video-on-demand applications.


Tiny NVMe upgrade for notebooks via Netstor NA611TB3

With its "external NVMe speed for retrofitting", Netstor's slim Thunderbolt 3 flash memory astonished even the most diehard journalists. The rapid memory expansion is many times faster than any USB hard drive, yet just as easy to use. So if you need this portable additional memory for your Thunderbolt-3-compatible computer, please contact Starline at the exhibition stand.



Makes options possible: NA211TB3 from Netstor

Video producers and audio mixers no longer need to be limited in their creativity, because the NA211TB3 expansion housing offers enormous flexibility for the production area. Professional video/audio cards can be installed in the housing with the three PCIe slots. With professional cards such as Red Rocket-X (graphics accelerator), Blackmagic DeckLink (video capture) or Avid Pro Tools (audio), studio or mobile on-site processing of the delicate raw data is possible.



The small solution for reporters: Netstor NA460C

Netstor's external RAID system offers mobile data security at an entry-level price. It can be equipped with two low-cost SATA HDDs/SSDs, can handle the necessary RAID levels and does not take up much space. The NA460C is connected to the host via USB 3.1 (Gen2, Type-C), which makes almost 800 megabytes per second possible for reading and writing. Thunderbolt 3 connections are also possible.


Conversion artist for Thunderbolt: ATTO Thunderlink TLNT-2102

ATTO offers the right converter for almost every type of network to connect devices with limited connectivity to the network. Starline will show the TLNT-2102 at the IBC as an example of the symbiosis between Thunderbolt 2 and 10 Gigabit/s Ethernet.



For the fast uplink to the TV station: ATTO FastFrame N312 QSFP28

ATTO's dual-port network cards are exactly the right choice if you need things to go really fast. The PCIe 3.0 cards for 25, 40, 50 or 100 GbE networks operate with an exceptionally low latency of one microsecond. The good driver supply of ATTO, which contains all important Windows versions and FreeBSD as well as the latest kernels of Redhat and Suse, ensures a broad application base.


You can also download the press release as PDF or TXT.


About Starline:
Starline Computer has more than 30 years of professional experience with data storage systems - having been in the storage and server business since 1982. We are one of the first companies to completely dedicate ourselves to storage and server solutions. This guarantees our partners a maximum of competence. Starline provides complete virtualization and storage solutions such as SAN, RAID, NAS, IP storage, servers, tape libraries and autoloaders, RAID controllers, FC switches, backup software, HBAs and more.