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17.12.2018 12:22 Age: 1 Jahr(e)

On the Ball: New GS Host-boards from Infortrend Now with 150 Percent Upgrade

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Starline partner Infortrend offers a 25 GbE upgrade for the 2000, 3000 and 4000 series of the GS Unified Storage Systems. The new host-board allows for a significantly higher data throughput, a more flexible configuration and a better effective deployment of the universally applicable storage systems.

With the new host-boards Infortrend meets the increasing demands for faster processors and SSDs in the central hardware. Equipped with 2.5 times the bandwidth, the upgraded EonStor GS systems can significantly reduce network bottlenecks. A further advantage is that the host-boards are fully downward compatible with the original 10 GbE standard. This makes them suitable for the HPC area, for distributed applications and also for database clusters.


In detail, two 25 Gbps Ethernet ports per board can be built into the storage systems. A dual controller in a GS 4000 system can thus be equipped with up to eight 25 Gbps Ethernet ports (two host-boards per controller).


Existing GS 2000/3000/4000 systems can be upgraded to the 25 GbE host-board through a simple firmware update. The 25 GbE host-board will soon also be available for the EonStor DS storage systems.


Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning, commented on the progress: "New and innovative applications are pushing networks with a bandwidth of 10 GbE to their limits. With our new 25 GbE host-boards for EonStor GS systems, we offer our customers a solution that grows with their investment and delivers the best return on investment.



The EonStor GS product page at Starline can be found here.



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