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13.11.2018 14:29 Age: 1 Jahr(e)

33 percent more capacity in a NAND memory cell: Starline builds high-capacity flash systems with inexpensive QLC SSDs from Micron

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The new Enterprise SSD series "5210 ION" from Micron breaks new ground: The engineers have succeeded in storing one more bit per memory cell. This enormous increase in capacity significantly reduces the ratio between price per byte and energy requirement per byte.

Micron 5210 ION with QLC technology

Due to their principle, the modern ION SSDs of the 5210 series are not suitable for frequent write access. Therefore Micron - like the other product families - is classified according to its main purpose.

The QLC technology (Quadruple Level Cell) allows four instead of three bits to be stored in a single NAND cell compared to the predecessor TLC (Triple Level Cell). This allows considerably more data to be stored in the same amount of space. Micron has now become the first manufacturer to mature the young technology for enterprise applications to series quality.



The high-capacity models of the 5210 ION product family are as fast in reading at 540 MB/s as comparable models from the other series, but offer 33 percent more capacity. The Starline prices targeted for Enterprise SATA SSDs are correspondingly low:



Micron 5210 ION (in three capacities)

1,92 Terabyte                 410 Euro

3,84 Terabyte                 790 Euro

7,68 Terabyte              1.425 Euro



In principle, however, QLC SSDs should be used primarily for read access. The reason: If you change one bit in the memory cell, the other three must also be rewritten. But Micron has already developed concepts for this case to use the new SSD models exactly.


In combination with SSDs of the sister series such as the 5200 PRO, the shortcoming of the QLC SSDs can easily be ironed out: The 5200 PRO takes care of the paperwork and the system stores important data on the new 5210 ION, which generally does not need to be renewed or only rarely. With the appropriate installation, it is also possible to combine it with a fast main memory for the frequently changing data sets. A configuration as WORM medium (Write Once Read Many) would also be conceivable for future applications, since they would be excellently suitable for it by their internal structure.


Further areas of application would be: Real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, business intelligence, decision support systems, active archives, large block and object memories, vSAN performance classes, content delivery networks, NoSQL databases or user authentication.


A datasheet can be found on the Micron product page at Starline.


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