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27.11.2018 10:26 Age: 1 Jahr(e)

Starline completes the tough course of the world's most widely used and leading quality management standard, ISO 9001

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Countless meetings, brain lard and a lot of printed pages of flow charts were necessary to confirm what both employees and existing customers have known for years: Starline has a clearly structured and strict quality management system.

Now it's official: TÜV SÜD has certified Starline's quality management system according to ISO 9001. This means that tasks are clearly traceable for every employee through clearly defined and structured processes.

The respective procedures can be found in the detailed quality management manual according to ISO 9001, which was created in the course of certification. The work processes described therein were chronologically broken down into their individual activities and documented.

The basic principle of all management systems also applies to ISO 9001: The continuous improvement process. As a result, the quality of service, products and projects can be continuously improved.


And although the Starline employees have already internalized these mechanisms for years, the intensive examination of the processes in preparation for ISO 9001 certification has further improved efficiency within the company. And also in the future, the continuous improvement process will save further costs and avoid mistakes. This benefits both employees and customers alike.


The Starline managing directors are delighted to have passed this examination with flying colours.

Dr. Tim Ganser: "We feel honoured by the TÜV certification and see it as an incentive to continue our efforts to increase quality. Ultimately, quality does not come from the processes, but from the employees who use the processes as tools. That's why I'm proud of our employees, who have worked out the process descriptions and continuously improve them".


Carsten Wilde: "Starline has always been careful to use uniform standards. By preparing for certification, we were able to further optimize individual processes and recurring procedures. I would therefore also like to thank all our employees for pulling together to master this mammoth task."


To download the certificate, click here.


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