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02.07.2019 15:31 Age: 1 Jahr(e)

Cluster meets cluster: PetaSAN now also handles remote replication

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With the open source-based software PetaSAN the Ceph cluster management is as simple as never before. And the range of functions is also constantly growing. The latest update brings remote replication to the infinitely scalable Software Defined Storage – with a heart for Windows Server and VMware via iSCSI – from a distance.

Step 7 of the PetaSAN installation: Here the administrator also activates the Backup/Replication Service.

A secure SSH connection protects data on its way to the target system. In addition, the key can be quickly renewed or extended.

Version 2.3.0 has it all: Asynchronous replication across different clusters is now also included. Many competitors charge a fee for this feature. It is included in the already free PetaSAN.


But above all, the convenience is not neglected: During the installation of PetaSAN you simply need to provide info about source and target systems. The clusters are queried, synced and you are done. Synchronisation runs effectively and securely via SSH encrypted TCP/IP connection over the Internet.


During an initial installation, the entire source system replicates itself to the target cluster right from the start. Then only the snapshot differences are transferred. The administrator can easily set a schedule for this. The backfill and recovery speeds are also adjustable.




Further information about PetaSAN can be found on the product page or in the last press release. We have saved a datasheet here. (The graphics in higher resolution.)



By the way:

At Starline, PetaSAN naturally runs on reliable Zealbox servers assembled from solid supermicro parts. In this way the best of all worlds can be used: All the benefits of a scalable Ceph cluster combined with native and highly redundant MPIO iSCSI capabilities for Windows Server and VMware.




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