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A modular cluster with the Mars 400 SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 Appliance

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Decentralized HA security, incredibly economical components and extremely outgoing interfaces have always characterised the storage appliance from Mars 400 from Ambedded. Now SUSE has combined its own software version with it. As usual, all Ambedded variants - with their power-saving ARM microservers and the ingenious Ceph architecture - are available from Starline.

Ambedded announced it has selected SUSE to power its Enterprise Software Storage appliance solution. The Ambedded Arm micro-server and Ceph management GUI integrate with SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 as a turnkey solution that reduces the total cost of ownership and shortens the time to deploy scalable, a no single-point-of-failure Ceph storage appliance to its datacenter customers. The solution it reduces barrier-to-entry for organizations that intend to deploy Ceph clusters but with limited engineering resource experts.

Die Komponenten

Ambedded has been recognized as the leader of Arm-based microserver Ceph storage appliances since 2016. The award-winning Mars Series Arm microserver is purpose designed for Ceph, and aims to solve the large failure domain as a result of single node failure, which can cause multiple Object Storage Devices (OSD) to go down at the same time, prompting mass data recovery on the production cluster. Instead of using a centralized server architecture with one server node hosting multiple OSDs, Ambedded leverages a microserver architecture to minimize the failure domain to one single OSD leverging Mars 1 U chassis accommodating 8 Arm microserver nodes.


There are 5 major benefits running SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 on Arm-based microserver architecture:

  • It offers smallest failure domain to OSD level compared to the x86 centralized server platform
  • All Ceph daemons own hardware resource to get a balanced workload. This results in a much better cluster performance and stability.
  • Customers can use just 3x1U Mars 400 appliance to build a high-availability SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 (Ceph) cluster. This reduces the initial investment of building a SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 cluster with a minimum of 7~8 units x86 servers.
    (Update: This is true for Mars 400 appliances, but SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 requires at least four nodes.)
  • Thanks to the low power Arm v8 processor. Ambedded Mars 400 SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 appliance consumes a maximum of 100 watts of power. Customer can save more than 60% of power utility on server and cooling compared to the same scale Ceph cluster power by x86 servers.
  • Under the power supply limitation on each rack, Mars 400 SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 Appliance can accommodate 1.6 times of OSD comparing with the general x86 servers.


“Customers across a wide range of industries are actively looking for Ceph based appliances that can be easily deployed in use cases that vary from the edge to the data center to the cloud,” noted SUSE’s Larry Morris, Director of Product Management for Software Defined Infrastructure. “SUSE is pleased to be partnering with Ambedded to deliver this cutting edge ARM based appliance.”


Ambedded offers technical support and consulting services for Ceph, and with its team boasts a combined 30+ years of providing Ceph support. With deep experience in telecom, data center, government, web hosting, and enterprises applications, Ambedded offers a feature-rich Ceph management web-based GUI, Unified Virtual Storage Manager (UVS) to ease the deployment and management of Ceph storage.

Ceph storage solutions are getting more awareness in many categories, including IT and cloud service prioviders, in data centers, academic institutions, the medical industry, IoT and machine learning. Ambedded provides Ceph support based on the Ceph community version, and many mission-critical applications require the quick Level 3 software support from a commercial service provider like SUSE that provide business and technical support in areas of software-defined infrastructure like business-critical computing, cloud solutions, SAP solutions, IT Infrastructure Management and Software Defined Storage.


Based on the Ceph Nautilus release, SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 allows Ambedded customers to seamlessly adapt to changing business demands by:

  • Accelerating innovation by removing storage silos and  giving customers easier access to different types of data while enabling them to quickly extract data using cutting-edge search and analytics tools.
  • Maximizing application availability with faster and more granular backups that leverage cloud resources for improved data protection.
  • Responding to changing business demands faster with the ability to quickly and easily leverage public cloud resources as part of storage infrastructure.


Mars 400 SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 Appliance also helps customers to reduce operational IT expense by:

  • Optimizing data placement with the ability to automatically and efficiently move data between all tiers of storage based on policy, ensuring access to critical data when customers need it.
  • Improving IT efficiency with a single, scalable storage solution that meets all storage requirements for containerized and cloud-enabled workloads, no matter where they live.


About Ambedded

Ambedded, a pioneer in Ceph storage appliance based on Arm microserver architecture, is specialized in providing high availability, lower TCO and easy to use Software-Defined Storage solutions. Ambedded’s Ceph Storage Appliance with the heart of open source, and the Unified Virtual Storage Manager (UVS), running on a de-centralized microserver architecture, offers enterprises an elastic, high availability, easy to scale and easy to deploy SDS solution. For more information, visit


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