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12.03.2019 14:26 Age: 1 Jahr(e)

2300 megabytes per second fast and eight joules per second economical: The new 12 Gbps SAS-HBA ARC-1330 from Areca

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Starline has added the new Areca host bus adapter to its product range. The slim low-profile candidate transports SAS data twice as fast as its predecessor to docked DAS systems, but at the same low price.

The HBA is available at Starline with internal (ARC-­1330-­8i) and external ports (ARC-­1330­-8x).

Measurement results that are impressive: The ARC-1330-8x can easily read and write over 2000 megabytes per second.

Installation example of an ARC-­1330­-8x

The ARC-1330 series offers the fastest connection available when it comes to connecting SAS components: The HBA can handle 12, 6 and 3 Gbps as well as SATA data rates of 6 and 3 Gbps (per lane). It works with its PCI Express interface in any computer, workstation or server with a Windows or Macintosh platform. Drivers for Linux and Citrix XenServer are expected in the second quarter.


ARC-1330 series host adapters provide a rapid connectivity solution with high reliability and stable performance. They also offer a variety of internal and external port configurations. For example, they control up to 128 end devices via the SFF 8644 port via an expander. The 12 Gbps ARC-1330 host adapters are ideal for both external RAID storage and No-RAID enclosures. This makes many applications and tiered storage solutions possible in the first place.


As usual with Areca, the controllers are backwards compatible to existing and future RAID and expander solutions.




  • Only 7.5 watts power dissipation
  • PCIe 3.0 x8 lanes ( x8, x4, and x1 lane widths)
  • Up to 48 Gbps transfer rates per SAS port x4
  • Support for 2 internal, 2 external SAS ports (x4)
  • Connects to SAS and SATA, HDDs or SSDs and also to tape libraries, LTO drives and RAID systems
  • API library for customer to write monitor utility
  • Support SGPIO interface for internal port
  • System status indicates through global HDD activity/fault header
  • Low profile form factor



Prices and Downloads:
The SAS-HBA is available from Starline in the version with internal ports (ARC-1330-8i) for 210 Euro and in the external version (ARC-1330-8x) for
245 Euro (net reseller price). A version with internal and external ports (ARC-1330-4i4x) will be available soon. It will be priced between the other two controllers.
You can download the press release as PDF or TXT here. A data sheet is available here.

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