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27.05.2019 14:54 Age: 1 Jahr(e)

Starline presents the new top class from TopRAID - powered by NEC

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In the first league of reliability there are news to announce: TopRAID, Starline's high-end brand, has been refreshed. Now the M120 and M320 RAID systems, equipped with all the finesses, are available in a new edition with even faster interfaces, larger maximum capacities and without any limitations in terms of SSD equipment. These RAID all-rounders are exclusively available from Starline.

The new TopRAID models of both series are each available with 12 LFF or 24 SFF bays

Redundant controllers and power supplies can be easily replaced from the rear.

At TopRAID, the name says it all: The M120 and M320 high-grade RAID systems are designed for reliability right down to the last screw. Example: You can carry out a firmware upgrade and a downgrade during operation. Each controller can even be restarted during operation - without downtime of the storage system.


In addition, there are other features that you can't find in other systems. Such as: Super Phoenix for cold start and diagnosis of single HDDs, cache partitioning, I/O Load Manager (QoS) and MAID technology. The latter saves a lot of power because spindle motors are completely switched off in standby mode.


Nevertheless, the development team has optimized the M-Series in the new edition and accelerated it even further. The most important new features in the M120 series compared to the previous M110:


  • Host connections with 24 x 16 / 32 Gbit/s Fibre Channel
  • Host connections with 16 x 10 / 25 Gbit/s iSCSI
  • Allflash configuration is now possible
  • up to 240 hard disks and/or SSDs can be managed in a maximum of 19 enclosures
  • up to 128 GB cache (Dual Controller)
  • already certified for VMware


In the even more opulently equipped M320 model - already equipped with a dual controller ex works - the engineers have made further adjustments in addition to the host connections already mentioned.


  • manages up to 672 hard disks and/or SSDs in a maximum of 39 JBODs
  • up to 384 GB cache
  • Low cost disaster recovery over up to 2000 km included


The two TopRAID systems are especially suitable for virtual environments. Their intelligent software features recommend them as storage for VMware, Microsoft Hyper V or Citrix virtualization environments.


Technical director Konrad Beyer is still enthusiastic about the TopRAID line. "In a support request, I was able to send the customer the commands to restart one of the dual controllers. This reboot succeeded without downtime of the storage system itself. This is unique on the market. That's why Starline continues to rely on the proven TopRAID quality - powered by NEC".


Further information can be found on our product page and in the data sheet.

Net retail prices of the basic models
(without drives and necessary memory equipment)

TopRAID M120-12S    € 4,650.-
TopRAID M120-24S    € 4,750.-
TopRAID M320-12R  € 12,500.-
TopRAID M320-24R  € 12,600.-


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