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23.04.2020 13:28 Age: 42 Tag(e)

With the license to virtualize: Zealbox Z50 and Z80 series certified for vSphere 7

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The new server models of Starline's own brand Zealbox with Intel Cascade-Lake-SP CPUs or AMD ROME processors for vSphere 7 from VMware were also recently released.

VMware recently launched the latest major release of vSphere - version 7. This is an important topic for Starline, as many of the systems assembled on site in Kirchheim unter Teck work with VMware software for data centre and server virtualization.


The product managers had therefore worked towards certification at an early stage. Older CPU variants had already been released, but the important CPUs from the Cascade Lake SP family from Intel (Zealbox Z50 series) and the ROME processors from AMD (Zealbox Z80 series) were still missing. But now they also got the license for virtualization for the update.


The Z50 as well as the Z80 server line-up from Zealbox differ mainly in their processors and motherboards. They are built into a supermicro chassis for the customer, which can be a tower or a rackmount chassis (4 - 36 drives, 1 - 4 U) depending on the requirements. The open concept allows the technicians to draw on the full potential: With up to four U.2 NVMe drives, up to 2 x 64 processor cores and up to 4 TB DDR4 memory, the servers can be expanded in line with performance.


But even the basic equipment is impressive: Depending on the model, there are two 10 GbE or up to four 1GbE ports, separately arranged and mirrored boot drives, additional M.2 interface, 10 SATA ports and up to 8 free PCIe slots. This gives you plenty of scope for data centre ambitions even in the minimal configuration.


As high-end machines, they are suitable for all tasks that arise, from virtualization and cloud computing to HCI solutions and HPC enterprise applications.


More info:
The certifications can be found in the VMware Hardware Compability List for the Z50 and Z80 models of Zealbox. For more information and technical specifications, click here (Z50 and Z80)