New U.2 NVMe All-Flash Solution from Infortrend: EonStor DS 4000U

Powerful All-Flash U.2 NVMe SSD SAN Solution

After the GS series had already received an NVMe upgrade, the development department of Infortrend now also dedicated itself to the DS family. As a result, the revised EonStor DS 4000U series was developed. It thus forms the enterprise high-performance storage solution for U.2 NVMe SSDs, delivering better performance and greater cost efficiency.

Extreme performance and scalability

  • Up to 1000K end-to-end IOPS to accelerate memory operations
  • Massive sequential throughput of up to 11 GB/s read and 7.5 GB/s write
  • Accommodates up to 448 drives with U.2 NVMe SSD/HDD JBODs
  • Archiving with automated storage tiering
  • Intelligent algorithm increases U.2 NVMe SSD lifetime and prevents multiple SSDs from failing at the same time
EonStor DS U.2 Infortrend

In addition, with auto-tiering and HDD expansion enclosure, EonStor DS 4000U enables a high performance and high capacity architecture suitable for database and virtualization applications. In short, the new U.2 NVMe all-flash solution from Infortrend shines as extremely high-performance block storage. Administrators can install up to 24 U.2 SSDs in each enclosure and get up to 1,000K IOPS and 11 GB/s throughput. This enables the new DS Series to respond quickly to multiple I/O requests from virtual machines, HPC servers and databases.

Complete data protection and backup also with NVMe EonStor DS U.2

As before, Infortrend storage offers multiple data protection designs to ensure that data is fully protected. For hard drives, for example, NVMe storage offers a unique RAID technology. This supports the system in normal operation and at the same time ensures complete protection of the data even if a hard disk is damaged.

As for local backup, the EonStor DS U.2 supports NVMe storage the flexible backup solution “Snapshot”. Users can back up data within the storage system according to a schedule and roll back to a previous version at any time. For remote backup, you can also use remote replication to back up the data to a remote DS appliance.

Special offer: Free software licenses included

The highlight: For the launch of the advanced U.2 systems, Infortrend is offering a special offer. Until December 31, 2021, customers who purchase DS- and GS systems will receive optional data services such as SSD caching, auto-tiering, local/remote replication, file snapshot and scale-out free of charge. GS systems, Infortrend offers a special offer. In addition, Infortrend extends the warranty period from three to five years.


The All-Flash U.2 SSD Unified Storage from Infortrend presented here are available from us right now. NVMe SAN storages from Infortrend are available from us now.

Markus Wölfel

Public Relations Manager and Marketing Representative of Starline