Software-Defined Storage even for small and medium HA environments

Attractive BZ licenses on SANsymphony from DataCore

DataCore has launched a new pricing model for SANsymphony: The Business Essentials (BZ) license. With this, the SDS professionals make it possible for you to get started at an affordable price for all SAN, DAS and HCI environments. This BZ license is interesting for users with lower storage requirements who have had no previous contact with Software Defined Storage and still want to virtualize their storage at a reasonable price.

Why Starline with BZ licenses

  • You save costs with DataCore entry
  • Your continuous business operation remains ensured
  • They use DRAM as fast read-write cache
  • I/Os are processed in parallel that would otherwise be processed serially
  • Auto-tiering automatically places the most frequently used data on the fastest memory
  • You are prepared for the future
BZ licenses to get started with DataCore

There are many functions for the money with DataCore BZ licenses

Despite the low price, the entry-level package already includes, for example, RAM caching, auto-tiering, storage pooling, data migration, snapshots, load balancing and thin provisioning. Even VMware vVol as well as the Veeam backup integration are covered by the inexpensive licenses. The topology can be based on Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI.

DataCore offers a precise price scale per terabyte: Either you pay annually (Term with 1, 3 or 5 years) or use the unlimited variant (Perpetual with 1, 3 or 5 years support). This way you can choose exactly the license that suits you best. And an upgrade to the powerful SANsymphony Enterprise license (EN) is still possible afterwards.

Please consider the order minimum of 10 TB per server group/installation. Existing installations can be expanded in 1 TB increments up to a maximum of 38 TB (per server group/installation). The maximum number of Business Essentials instances is 2 per server group/installation, and a customer can use more than one Business Essentials installation.


Business Essentials licenses may not be mixed with other SANsymphony editions (EN, ST, or LS) in the same server group.

DataCore with BZ licenses

Benefits of upgrading to an Enterprise license

Later, if you want to upgrade to the Enterprise version, which can be expanded at will, you get seven more data services: Deduplication/Compression, Quality of Service (QoS), Random Write Accelerator, Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Replication & Site Recovery, Encryption and Parallel I/O.

Of course, the costs of the initial licenses will then be credited to you (perpetual licensing) as well as the period in the remaining term will be taken into account (term licenses, maintenance). By the way, no new installation is necessary for the changeover. Only new license keys are imported.

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