Service update solves TLS1.2 problem for your web interface

DSS V7 from Open-E can again be conveniently administered via WebGUI

All current browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari refuse to work with outdated SSL protocols (TLS1.0 and TLS1.1). This also has an impact on the WebGUI of Open-E DSS V7, as it only supports TLS1.0 by default so far. Requests to the web interface are therefore blocked and can only be displayed with additional effort.

However, the TLS1.2 issue can be quickly fixed via the update for DSS V7 provided by Open-E. You can download the Small Update download here.

Carry out the following steps for individual systems:

  1. In the Open-E WebGUI under Edit -> B/W Update you can upload the Small Update.
  2. After the upload has been completed, please accept or confirm the version information that opens.
  3. After the update a reboot is necessary.

The procedure in the cluster

The update can also be installed in the cluster during operation and is quite easy to do.

  1. In the Open-E WebGUI under Setup -> Failover switch the storage resources from Node 1 to Node 2.
  2. Upload the Small Update in the Open-E WebGUI of Node 1 under Edit -> S/W Update.
  3. Reboot Node 1
  4. After rebooting Node 1, wait until any replication volumes are back in sync. You can track the process in the WebGUI under Setup -> Failover.

    Similarly, please perform these steps for Node 2 as well.

  5. In the Open-E WebGUI under Setup -> Failover switch the storage resources from Node 2 to Node 1.
  6. In the Open-E WebGUI of Node 2 under Edit -> S/W Update upload the Small Update.
  7. Reboot of Node 2
  8. After rebooting the second node, wait until all replication volumes are in sync again (visible in the WebGUI under Setup -> Failover ).
  9. Finally, restore the original A/A state of the storage resources: Swing the resource pool from node 2 back to node 1.

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