Balancing capacity and performance with Ceph

Modern large-scale storage technologies used effectively

In the first of three webinars about Ceph, software engineer Mohammad Ammar, our shrewd specialist for open source solutions, introduced the popular and freely scalable storage technology Ceph to an interested audience. Under the title “Storage Technologies – Ceph: balancing capacity and performance”, the expert first introduced the distributed storage solution in its basic features.

His high-profile cohorts:

  • Software developer Maged Mokhtar, CEO of PetaSAN
  • HDD expert Rainer W. Kaese, Senior Manager at Toshiba Electronics Europe

Concentrated expertise in the online meeting

Rainer Kaese praised the advantages of inexpensive hard disks, which can provide gigantic storage capacities at manageable costs in a securely distributed network.

Maged Mokhtar, meanwhile, highlighted the benefits of his PetaSAN interface. With it, complete Ceph clusters can finally be set up and administered with just a few clicks.

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(The second Ceph webinar will be held on 5/5/2021 at 3pm)

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This proven expert for Linux and Ceph platforms joined Starline in 2018. His preference is for sophisticated open source solutions and tricky product developments. Therefore, he is also available for enquiries regarding PetaSAN and TrueNAS (formerly FreeNAS). But he also likes ARM servers from Ambedded or Mac operating systems. In his private life, the engineer enjoys working with 3D printers and robots.

Mohammad Ammar
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