Flexible backup modules

A powerful alliance: With FreeNAS and Archiware P5 for an all-in-one solution

Starline has created a true power bundle: Our flexible and affordable NASdeluxe family – with its astonishing ZFS talents – is now given additional backup reinforcement. Thanks to Archiware P5 it now even interacts with external drives, tape libraries and cloud services.

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FreeNAS and Archiware P5
FreeNAS & Archiware

Run backup software directly on the NAS

Evolution with NASdeluxe

The attractively priced FreeNAS product line from Starline’s own brand now also masters the functions of a backup server. RDX drives, tape libraries or a cloud connection can also be used to secure valuable company data.
This successful cooperation was made possible by a software variant from Starline partner Archiware: Its software suite P5 is now available in version 6 – and it is also available as a compatible version for FreeBSD. FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD and already offers data security through the ingenious ZFS file system and snapshots functions. With additional plug-ins it can also be expanded modularly.

Solid Supermicro servers serve as the hardware platform in the rackmount area. They are always assembled according to the individual needs of the customer and assembled on site in Kirchheim unter Teck. The number of drives, equipment and interfaces are freely selectable.
So the customer gets the best of both worlds: Industrial quality hardware combined with a flexible and modular open source OS.

Flexible Network Attached Storages with FreeNAS at a glance

FreeNAS Systems

FreeNAS and Archiware P5
The bundles are linked to these four separately bookable modules of Archiware P5.

Making the backup plan flexible

New Archiware features

By the way: Archiware doubles a storage license (Media Management + Storage Licenses, MMSL) for disk and cloud to 8 TB in the new version. In addition, the calculation of the required MMSL is now based on the actually used memory instead of the maximum possible memory size as before. Archiware customers are thus more flexible in configuring disk and cloud storage.

In addition to P5 Workgroup Edition, P5 Sync Edition, P5 Professional Edition there will be another bundle called P5 Desktop LTO Edition. This bundle already existed last year as a promotion, but will now be released as a regular product. It combines features from other packages and fills the gap for users who only want to backup to tape and not to the cloud or disk. However, the LTO edition cannot be combined with other packages. On the other hand, it is significantly cheaper than comparable package bundles.

Overview of the Archiware P5 modules and bundles

Archiware Products

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