PetaSAN – The growing high performance iSCSI cluster

The flexible cluster solution

With PetaSAN a complicated administration and a costly subsequent installation of many components is no longer necessary. The open source solution PetaSAN already includes all important components: The ceph modules needed for the complete installation – starting with the operating system up to the complete ceph installation and configuration necessary components. Of course, this includes the activation of TRUE MPIO iSCSI and TRUE automatic Failover for iSCSI paths.

In the standard extension of a PetaSAN installation from Starline, the technicians previously used the integrated NVMe drives for the Journal to improve performance – a variant that both provides agile performance and saves costs. Of course, our experts can also configure the solution to run entirely on NVMe, depending on the customer’s application and requirements. This gives the cluster, which is constantly growing in size and performance, a further boost due to more powerful hardware.

Industrial-grade iSCSI cluster with Ceph

By the way, PetaSAN at Starline naturally works on reliable Zealbox servers assembled from solid Supermicro parts.

In this way, the best of all worlds can be used: All the benefits of a scalable ceph cluster combined with native and highly redundant MPIO iSCSI capabilities for Windows Server and VMware.

And last but not least: Administrators will especially appreciate the very easy to administrate web interface for their daily work. (Visible for example already in the Quickstart-Guide of PetaSAN)

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