Bridge from Thunderbolt 3 to LTO and SAS: Netstor NS722TB3

Thunderbolt, Tape & SAS combined

Starline partner Netstor manages to square the circle in its ingenious LTO Thunderbolt solution. The smart NS722TB3 expansion enclosure retrofits any Thunderbolt workstations, servers and workstations with LTO backup capability. Netstor also provides additional connectivity via the integrated SAS port.

  • Space for two HH LTO drives
  • SAS Expansion Port
  • Backup option without HBA
  • Extremely quiet fan
Netstor NS722TB3 LTO

The NS722TB3 desktop storage enclosure allows both Mac and Windows users to quickly install any half-height internal LTO tape drive. All current LTO drives* (LTO-7 up to LTO-9, backward compatible with LTO-6) from Quantum, HP and IBM are suitable for this. The only requirement: Matching SFF-8482 connectors on the LTO device.

LTO archiving solution for data backup for macOS/Windows users

In short, installing an LTO tape drive in the NS722TB3 is easy: insert the LTO streamer, connect the SFF-8482 cable, and you’re done. The power supply has also been integrated into the cable. Moreover, any combination of LTO-9, LTO-8 and LTO-7 tape drives can be implemented by the NS722TB3.

Additional mini-SAS port for the workstation

The external mini-SAS connector (SFF-8644) on the back of the LTO storage meanwhile offers room for further connections or storage space. There, the administrator can, for example, connect libraries, JBODs or RAID systems that do not have a Thunderbolt interface built in. These systems also benefit from the Thunderbolt port’s high data transfer rate of up to 2750 MB/s.

Software solution included

Since we at Starline only offer tested products, our technicians have already tested the new NS722TB3 in combination with our proven Archiware software. Installed on a MacBook, Archiware was able to correctly detect and set up the installed LTO drive. Thus, it can be selected as a target for“Backup Jobs“. As a result, the backup that was then carried out ran without any problems.


The here presented desktop LTO enclosure NS722TB3 from Netstor can be ordered from us now. Our non-binding net price without the drive is 1,550 Euros. We will be happy to calculate a sample configuration according to your needs.

*Drives sold separately

Markus Wölfel

Public Relations Manager and Marketing Representative of Starline

Installation example

NS722TB3 LTO Thunderbolt 3