New tri-mode RAID models from Areca’s ARC-1886 series

With NVMe speed on the backplane

Starline partner Areca has added new candidates to the fast ARC-1886 product family. Administrators now have two additional options with different port configurations for the appropriate setup of storage appliances.

Areca adds two more variants to the RAID controller family launched in spring with six models (original press release at Starline): The new ARC-1886-4X8I and ARC-1886-4X12I controllers have four external ports built in and feature 8 and 12 internal ports respectively. Of course, the two newcomers also work on the PCIe Gen 4.0 bus, where, like their sister models, they offer advanced technology for higher performance and improved protection of corporate data.


  • Tri-mode interface for SAS/SATA/Gen 4.0 PCIe (NVMe) on each drive port
  • x8 PCIe Gen 4.0 host interface
  • 8 GB DDR4-2666 cache – and optional Cache Backup Module (CBM)
  • Supports Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, XenServer, unRAID and VMware

Play it safe with tri-mode RAID controllers from Areca

As usual, all controllers of the ARC-1886 series can be equipped with a cache backup module to protect the volatile data even in the event of a power failure. Additional security is ensured by hardware-near encryption and the possibility to use a redundant flash image.

The built-in Broadcom SAS3916 chip provides the necessary performance as PCIe 4.0 x8 on SAS/SATA/PCIe (NVMe) controller. Its 1.6 GHz clock and dual-core architecture enables performance of up to 5,500 MB/s write and 6,300 MB/s read.

Wide range of drivers and tools

The ARC-1886 series supports many operating systems including Windows, Linux, VMware, macOS, FreeBSD, XenServer and unRAID. Professional system monitoring tools such as Enclosure Management (UBM, SES-2, SMP & SGPIO) and SNMP functions are also available. With the McBIOS RAID Manager, the configuration and management of the RAID adapter is even quick and easy via hotkey. In addition to the GUI, Areca always offers the classic control variant via command line in the CLI utility. Like all top-class controller models from Areca, they can be conveniently administered via an out-of-band Ethernet port.


The RAID controllers from Areca presented here are immediately available from us. Our recommended net price is EUR 999.- for the ARC-1886-4X8I and EUR 1,059.- for the 12-port version ARC-1886-4X12I.

Markus Wölfel

Public Relations Manager and Marketing Representative of Starline

Connection example

Tri-mode RAID Areca