Expansion housing for power-hungry retrofitters

Storage and performance delivered on the fly

Assuming you need short-term expansion in all directions, our expansion enclosures are the right choice for you: With our storage enclosures you can quickly provide capacity via Thunderbolt3 or SAS. The built-in hard disks or SSDs basically offer the redundant security of a RAID controller even in this case. This allows dozens of drives to be generated in no time at all for work on suddenly escalating projects: Just plug it in and you’re done.

In contrast, PCIe enclosures primarily provide additional slots. This gives the user the option of using additional PCIe cards even if there are no more slots available in the server.
Whether additional GPU computing power, professional video editing or powerful audio mixers are required – implanted in an expansion housing, they can also be used on a Macbook or notebook without any problems. The cards work just as efficiently there as if they were installed directly in the workstation.

Enclosures for all applications

There are two host port variants available, which allow this terrific increase in functionality accordingly. One with Thunderbolt3 interface and one that is implemented using the PCIe cards supplied.

We also have combination products in our range. This means expansion housings that have additional PCIe slots and also provide slots for additional storage capacities.

Your advantages with Starline:

  • Rapid expansion of capacities
  • Extended range of functions
  • Inexpensive solution
  • Many interfaces

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Experienced and trained technicians provide performance and functional checks and offer rapid assistance in the case of a failure.

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Highly Experienced

Starline has been active in the sector since 1982 and is a specialist in all aspects of data storage.

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Starline maintains a high level of spare parts inventory and is therefore able to supply spare parts long after the warranty period has expired.

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You can also rely on tested quality for enclosures

Our employees are also at your side: right from the start you will receive detailed advice from personal contact persons. They are available as well as our technical support five days a week. We even offer a 24x7x4 service.

From service contracts and customs clearance to financing models – we offer everything from one source.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

Where can I get the serial number of the system?
We will gladly search for the corresponding information for you. For complete systems, please send us the serial number of one of the installed drives (HDDs/SSDs) to info@starline.de and we will find out the number.
Why should I buy from Starline?
As an independent company, Starline offers servers and storage systems “Made in Germany”. All devices are put through their paces before they leave our premises. In addition, we offer free advice before purchase and free technical support afterwards – even after the warranty has expired.
What makes Starline better than an A-brand?
With Starline, you’re not on the literal hook once you’ve bought something. Starline is an independent medium-sized company that produces servers and storage systems in Germany. Our suppliers – from cables to screws to SSDs – have to undergo internal benchmarking by our technicians and are only included in the program when their performance is beyond doubt. We also rely on cross-manufacturer standards and not on isolated solutions. Moreover, all systems assembled by us are put through their paces before leaving our premises. And last but not least: We look after them whenever you want – for example, even before the purchase with free advice and also afterwards with free technical support.


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In 2018, Bernd Widmaier celebrated his 25th anniversary with Starline. With great experience and broad knowledge – combined with high customer orientation – he heads our sales team. However, he also contributes plenty to sales himself and frequently represents Starline externally at events. The VFB fan has an excellent knowledge of various vertical markets, such as Mac, video storage and media streaming, which earns him the exhibition booth support at the IBC in Amsterdam every year.