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NASdeluxe NDL-4000 Z-Serie powered by Open-E

The NASdeluxe Z-series powered by Open-E JovianDSS is a software-defined storage solution based on over 10 years of successful partnership. Starline and Open-E developed the Z-series for SMB and enterprise customers for scenarios ranging from virtualization and VDI to databases, media streaming and backup. These systems use only high-quality components. Any NASdeluxe Z-series server includes hardware and software support directly from Starline for highest customer satisfaction.

It is essential that Enterprise solutions covers a wide spectrum of features to ensure efficient usage. The NASdeluxe Z-series combines all necessary functionalities and components to be used at the Enterprise-level. High availability - thus a high reliability - was achieved by the engineers choosing a shared storage architecture. This avoids the critical "single-point-of-failure (SPOF)". Compression and deduplication help to reduce used storage space while thin provisioning makes it easy and comfortable to scale up the available capacity. Moreover, the system supports an unlimited number of snapshots and clones, simplifying backups, replications and data recovery in case of accidental deletes or other data loss.

NASdeluxe Z-series is certified for Open-E JovianDSS

The NASdeluxe Z-series from Starline Computer is the perfect solution for  various storage solutions. The servers are an excellent choice for companys, which require flexible configurations and the expandability to
high-available clusters.



  • Exceptional Storage Performance
  • On- & Off-Site Data Protection
  • Tiered RAM and SSD cache
  • Data integrity check
  • Data compression and in-line data deduplication
  • Thin provisioning and unlimited number of snapshots and clones
  • Simplified management
  • Certified flexibility and scalability
  • Hardware independence