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Areca ARC-1882 RAID-Controller Family

Areca´s ARC-1882 RAID-Controller family offers a greater performance with:

  • Dual core RAID-on-Chip, 800MHz
  • DDR3-1333 SDRAM with ECC

The ARC-1882 RAID-Controller family includes various designs:

  • Low-profile 8-port
  • Full height with 12, 16 or 24 internal ports and 4 additional external ports

The ARC-1882 6Gbit/s SAS RAID-Contollers support up to 128 SAS / SATA devices to a single adapter using SAS expanders. They are ideal for file servers, web servers, supercomputing, NAS, near-line backup, streaming, Applications server (audio, video) and appropriate safety-related systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports up to 128 SAS/SATA II HDDs via SAS expander
  • 6Gbit/s speed at each port
  • DDR3-1333 cache
  • 800MHz Dual Core RAID-on-Chip Processor for high RAID 6 Performance
  • Online capacity expansion, RAID level/stripe size migration
  • Online volume set growth
  • Redundant flash image for adapter availability
  • Support greater than 2TB per volume set
  • Battery backup module optional (BBM)
  • Serial bus and SGPIO enclosure management
  • Broad operating support including Windows, Linux, Solaris, MAC OS X and FreeBSD

Areca ARC-1882 6 Gbps SAS RAID controllers with PCIe bus:

Model Ports (miniSAS x4) Power consumption
Models with 1 GB DDR3-1333 fixed cache, Low Profile frame inclusive
ARC-1882i 2 x SFF-8087 12.51 W max.
ARC-1882LP 1 x SFF-8087, 1 x SFF-8088 12.51 W max.
Models with 240-pin socket and 1 GB DDR-1333 cache, upgradeable up to 4 GB
ARC-1882ix-12 3 x SFF-8087, 1 x SFF-8088 28.81 W max
ARC-1882ix-16 4 x SFF-8087, 1 x SFF-8088 28.81 W max.
ARC-1882ix-24 6 x SFF-8087, 1 x SFF-8088 28.81 W max.
All ARC-1882 models:
Dual Core Raid-on-Chip 800 MHz CPU, up to 128 x 6 Gbps SAS/SATA HDDs/SSDs (via SAS Expander), PCIe 2.0 x8 slot