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ATTO RAID-Controller

ATTO ESAS-R344 6Gbit/s SAS RAID-Controller with int. and ext. miniSAS x4 port
ATTO ESAS-R644 SAS RAID-Controller
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ExpressSAS RAID Adapters deliver cost-effective hardware RAID protection to direct attached SAS or SATA JBOD storage.

ATTO ExpressSAS RAID adapters are an affordable alternative to RAID arrays and allow you to more effectively add JBOD storage.

ExpressSAS RAID adapters deliver high-performance, reliable engineering and three models with flexible connectivity options. They are the premier choice for transferring and protecting your data in a Direct Attached Storage environment.

ATTO RAID-Controllers are available as external models too. More info: FastStream FC-/SAS- RAID Storage Controllers

Features and Benefits

  • Host-Level Hardware RAID: Offers affordable JBOD expansion, RAID group partitioning, and does not affect CPU processing like most software RAID solutions
  • Sustained Performance: Maintain full performance during degraded mode, plus 50% faster rebuilds, and tunable rebuild priority for user-specific workflows
  • Blazing-Fast Performance: Upwards of 1200 MB/s per channel for IT and digital media applications
  • Smooth Data Streaming: Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) Technology and DriveAssure Technology ensures efficient I/O performance
  • One-Click Installation: Easy-to-use GUI with a multi-platform configuration utility and factory presets for plug-and-play operation
  • Flexibility: Wide variety of port configurations and support for SAS, SAS 2.0, SATA, SATA II
  • Compatibility: Out-of-the-box support for Windows, Linux, Mac, VMware

ATTO ExpressSAS (6Gbit/s) RAID-Controller models:

Model Harddisks Ports Cache Host Bus Type
ESAS-R60F-000 16x int. SAS/SATA II 4x SFF-8087 512 MB PCIe x8
ESAS-R60F-C00 ESAS-R60F including CacheAssure Technology
ESAS-R608-000 8x int. SAS/SATA II 2x SFF-8087 512 MB PCIe x8
ESAS-R608-C00 ESAS-R608 including CacheAssure Technology
ESAS-R644-000 4x int./4x ext. SAS/SATA II 1x SFF-8087, 1x SFF-8088 512 MB PCIe x8
ESAS-R644-C00 ESAS-R644 including CacheAssure Technology
ESAS-R680-000 8x ext. SAS/SATA II 2x SFF-8088 512 MB PCIe x8
ESAS-R680-C00 ESAS-R680 including CacheAssure Technology
All ESAS-R6xx models:
Up to 256x SAS/SATA Harddisks, low-profile form factor