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HighPoint RocketRAID 2000 & 3100 Series

HighPoint RR-2300 Serie
HighPoint RR-2300 Serie

These versatile, feature-rich, high-value mass storage adapters were designed for high-performance computing. Available for internal, external and hybrid disk configurations, the RocketRAID series can be configured to meet any storage requirement.

Features and Benefits

  • support up to 16 SATA II Harddisks
  • RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 10 (50 at RR268x)
  • Support greater than 2TB per volume set
  • Online capacity expansion, RAID level migration
  • l2C and SGPIO enclosure management
  • Broad operating support including Windows, Linux, MAC OS X and FreeBSD
Model Harddisks Ports Host Bus Type
HPT-RR3122 2x SATA 2x eSATA PCIe x1
HPT-RR2340 16x SATA 4x SFF-8087 PCIe x8
HPT-RR2322 8x SATA 2x SFF-8088 PCIe x4
HPT-RR2310 4x SATA 4x SATA PCIe x4
HPT-RR2302 4x SATA 2x eSATA, 2x SATA PCIe x1

HighPoint RocketRAID 600 Series

HighPoint RocketRAID 622
HighPoint RocketRAID 622

RAID 5 and Port Multiplier Ready

The RocketRAID 600 series are designed to optimize storage performance and redundancy with RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 10 with port multiplier enclosure, and JBOD. Storage connected directly to the RocketRAID 600 series data ports deliver the highest performance while external disk enclosures with port multiplier device will enable higher storage capacities.

Next Generation of SATA and eSATA Connectivity

The RocketRAID 600 Series offers the next generation of SATA and eSATA 6Gb/s connectivity support to port multiplier enclosures for a maximum of 10 SATA devices.

SATA Compatibility

The RocketRAID 622 enables the use of the industry’s newest and fastest hard drives at 6Gb/s while providing backward compatibility to legacy 1.5 or 3Gb/s drives. It uses the same cable and connectors as previous SATA generations to ease integration.

PCI-Express 2.0 (Double the Bandwidth)

PCI-Express 2.0 doubles the bandwidth of existing PCI-Express bus for faster data throughput. Each PCI-Express lane provides up 500MB/s of throughput. It is also backward compatible with previous generation.

Model Data Rate Ports Connector Host Bus Type
HPT-RR640 6 Gbit/s 4 4x SATA PCIe x4
HPT-RR622 6 Gbit/s 2 2x eSATA PCIe x1
HPT-RR620 6 Gbit/s 2 2x SATA PCIe x1