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Areca ARC-5028T2 6-Bay USB 3.0/Thunderbolt 2 RAID-System

Thunderbolt ARC-5028 Thunderbolt 2 / USB 3.0 RAID-System
Thunderbolt ARC-5028 Thunderbolt 2 / USB 3.0 RAID-System

ARC-5028T2 is 6-bay 6 Gbps SAS/SATA Thunderbolt 2/USB 3.0 storage with RAID control capabilities solution for Mac and Windows environment. Thunderbolt 2 host interface make ARC-5028T2 RAID storage well suited for SOHO group professional who work at home and or in the office. Thunderbolt technology is developed for high speed data transfers. The data transfer rate at the speed of 20 Gbps per second. Thunderbolt port is shared by multiple devices and can transfer data equally distribute to all connected devices.

ARC-5028T2 features two cutting-edge interfaces, Thunderbolt 2 and SuperSpeed USB 3.0. Thunderbolt technology is a revolutionary high-speed, dual protocol I/O technology designed for performance, simplicity and flexibility.

Thunderbolt I/O technology lets you move data between high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices on a single, compact port. Both data and display signals can be sent and received at the same time through Thunderbolt 2 channels.

ARC-5028T2 Thunderbolt 2/USB 3.0 SATA RAID storage supports the hardware RAID 6 engine to allow two HDDs failures without impact the existing data and performance.

It allows easy scalability from JBOD to RAID.

One thunderbolt cable is included.

Model Areca ARC-5028T2
Host-Interface 1x USB 3.0, 2x Thunderbolt
Controller Architecture
800MHz ARM-based storage I/O processor
1 GB on-board DDR3-800 SDRAM with ECC protection
Write-through or write-back cache support
Multi-RAID storage support for large storage requirements
Redundant flash image for controller availability
BBU optional
Intelligent power ON/OFF function
Harddisk Drives Up to 6x 3.5 LFF / 2.5 SFF 6Gbps SAS/SATA, hot swappable
Power Supply 1x 180W
AC Input Voltage 100-240V AC
Operation temperature 0°-40°C
Front Panel LCD and Buttons Easy access for configuration and status report
RS-232 Terminal Command Line Interface (CLI) for configuration and status report
Management Web browser-based RAID Management GUI for configuration and status report
Event Notification Build-in buzzer, LCD
Software Drivers
macOS 10.8.x or newer
Windows 7/8
RAID-Level 0, 1, 10 (1E), 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, Single Disk or JBOD
RAID Features Online RAID Capacity Expansion, Array Roaming, Online RAID Level / Stripe Size Migration, Global Online Spare, Automatic Drive Failure Detection, Automatic Failed Drive Rebuilding
Data Rebuild Automatic data regeneration
Dimension and Weight
Form Factor Compact - 6 Disk Compact Tower
Physical Dimensions/mm (Width x Height x Depth) 146 x 255 x 290
Weight (without drives) 6kg
Warranty 3 years
Service Optional replacement service