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Areca ARC-8050T3 Thunderbolt 3 Rackmount system

Professions with high data volume, such as film editors, CGI specialists or sound engineers, not only need extremely high capacities directly at their workstations, but also the rapid availability of the huge databases. Even well-equipped Macs or PCs do not offer enough storage for data-hungry applications in the post-production in the film, photo or animation sector, to save current projects quickly.

For this purpose, Areca has developed the ARC-8050T3-12R and ARC-8050T3-24R RAID systems with Thunderbolt 3 in rackmount format.

They offer enormously high capacities (144 TB/288 TB), can be expanded via JBOD and deliver the data at a blazingly fast Thunderbolt 3 rate of up to 40 Gigabit per second.

Technical Specifications

Model Areca ARC-8050T3-12R Areca ARC-8050T3-24R
Connections 2 x Thunderbolt 3 (TB2 adapter available at Starline)
1 x Display port
1 x RJ-45 Management port
1 x SAS Expansion port
Controller CPU 1.2 GHz Dual Core ROC
Controller Flash Image Redundant
Battery Backup Module (optional) 1880 mAh
Cache Memory 2 GB on-board DDR3-1866 SDRAM with ECC
Disk Interface 12 Gbps SAS/SATA
HDDs/SSDs, hot swappable 12 x 3.5 LFF / 2.5 SFF 24 x 3.5 LFF / 2.5 SFF
Gross Capacity 144 TB 288 TB
Expansion With additional Thunderbolt systems (Daisy Chain)
Extended total capacity 6144 TB
Expansion Ports SFF-8644, up to 512 HDDs
Power Supplyl 2 x 400 W 3 x 400 W
Fan 2 x 2700 RPM 4 x 2700 RPM
Notification LC display, LED
Terminal Command Line Interface (CLI) for configuration and status report
Management Web-Browser-based graphical interface (LAN or Thunderbolt)
Operating Systems
Supported OS macOS 10.12 or later; Windows 8 or later
RAID Level 0, 1, 1E, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30 , 50, 60, Single Disk or JBOD)
RAID Functions Multiple RAID selection
Support up to 1 MB stripe size
Online array roaming
Online RAID level/stripe size migration
SED (Self-encrypting drives) function support
Support HDD firmware update
Support for native 4K and 512 byte sector SAS and SATA devices
Environment Specification
Humidity 5 % ~ 95 %, non-condensing
Operating Temperature 0 °C ~ 35 °C
Dimension and Weight
Physical Dimensions/mm (Width x Height x Depth )without handles 88,2 x 445 x 448 176,4 x 445 x 448
Form Factor 2 height units 4 height units
Weight 27 kg 34 kg
Warranty 3 years

Areca ARC-8050T3 SAN Rackmount system

With a heart for 4K youtuber: New Xsan center ARC-8050T3 SAN from Areca

In addition to the two RAID systems ARC-8050T3-12R and ARC-8050T3-24R with Thunderbolt 3 interface, Areca has also designed a rack-mounted appliance with 24 drive drawers as Xsan headquarter. The ARC-8050T3 SAN was specially designed by Areca engineers for small workgroups. It comes with five available Thunderbolt 3 ports, which can optionally be upgraded to nine ports. Thus, the SAN solution offers enough scope to connect and simultaneously use all workstations of a group. Users have the possibility to share their work directly with their colleagues via the fast 40 Gbit/s connection.

Not only the RAID controller but also the multiple power supplies and fans ensure the necessary data security. Additional protection is provided by an optional battery backup module that backs up the cache data in the event of a power failure.

Additional computing power is provided by a space-saving Mac Mini on the back of the case, which can also be used as a workstation itself. The system is configured and monitored either via network, Thunderbolt or directly on the housing via the LCD control panel. Areca's specially designed ArcSAP Quick Configurator allows users to operate the appliance intuitively.

In addition to the optional Mac Mini, up to eight other Xsan clients can be docked to the ARC-8050T3 SAN via Thunderbolt cable.