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Infortrend SANWatch Management Software for EonStor RAID-Systems

SANWatch is the next generation storage management platform featuring the following function groups:

  • Centralized Management: Full-featured monitoring of multiple arrays locally or remotely over LAN/WAN
  • Storage Management: Comprehensive and complete RAID configuration functions
  • Data Service: Snapshot is the first consolidation feature that will be followed by more functionalities such as Volume Copy, Remote Replication, etc.

SANWatch provides a feature-rich, yet easy to approach, Java-based GUI for Infortrend's EonStor series products. SANWatch includes the advanced data protection Snapshot in addition to all necessary storage administration functionalities such as RAID configuration, maintenance, and monitoring - all seamlessly integrated into a platform run across any distance over the network.

Infortrend implements multi-layer snapshot tables for maximum storage efficiency. Snapshot variables and differential images are managed as independent storage volumes that look and behave like complete backups. Snapshot volumes are mounted as real LUNs when data tetrieval takes place allowing concurrent access to the regular or snapshot volumes.

Snapshot imposes minimum impact on host performance and storage space. With native hardware support, schedules can be arranged to perform automated backup and system will maintain a configurable number of snapshots.

Either RAID or Snapshot volumes can be dynamically expanded and there can be numerous snapshot images referring to multiple source volumes.