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GPU-Server by ASUS

ASUS introduces the ESC series of high-performance rack-mounted GPU servers. The space-saving computing artists support Intel Xeon processors and - depending on the model - can provide over three terabyte of RAM.

Fully equipped and depending on the model, the fast calculating machine achieves around 112 teraflops (floating point operations per second) according to single-precision calculations. For comparison: A server without GPU support calculates floating point operations about 200 times slower.

The ASUS servers combine outstanding features, a flexible design and versatile hardware support under one roof. This makes it the ideal solution for demanding applications based on a parallel computing architecture.


Model CPU Max. Memory Max. Number of GPU-Cards HDD/SDD-Slots Units
ESC8000 G3 Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3/v4 1,5 TB 8 6 x SFF 3
ESC4000 G3 1 TB 4 8 x LFF 2
ESC8000 G4 Intel Xeon Scalable processor family 3 TB 8 8 x SFF 4
ESC4000 G4 Intel Xeon Skylake processor 2 TB 4 8 x LFF 2