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VMware is market leader for server virtualization solutions and offers with vSphere 6.x de facto the standard.

With the consolidation of the server farms massive cost saving can be achieved. Administrators also benefit from the centralized management - here VMwares vSphere especially differentiates with a high level of clarity and many helpful features.

VMware vSphere is available in the versions Essentials, Essentials Plus, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus for the Zealbox Server.

more information about VMware.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft offers with Windows Server 2012 R2 a powerful server platform. The WS 2012 R2 suits for SMB and large companies equally.

Important innovations in WS 2012 R2 are improved power management, the powerful connections of branches as well as the integrated virtualization (Hyper-V). Hyper-V offers the possibility to create and administrate virtual machines directly under WS 2012 R2 without additional software. So there is no familiarization to a new platform necessary for experienced Windows administrators.

WS 2012 R2 is available in editions Standard and Datacenter for the Zealbox server.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

From software-defined data center to the point of application platform the Windows Server 2016 from Microsoft provides new investments in cloud technology, on which data centers can benefit directly.

Windows Server Container and Hyper-V Container provide tools for fast iteration and significantly easier DevOps. With Nano Server there is also a new provisioning option, which reduces the footprint for applications and also for the operating system dramatically. By reducing the maintenance requirements and enhanced security, the Nano Server forms the base for a modern application platform. WS 2016 is available in editions Standard and Datacenter for the Zealbox server.