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Microsoft Windows Server 2016

From software-defined data center to the point of application platform the Windows Server 2016 from Microsoft provides new investments in cloud technology, on which data centers can benefit directly.

With the hybrid data center solutions the 2016er generation Microsoft delivers cloud-inspired technologies into the traditional data center. Windows Server 2016 provides new advanced features that further extend the capabilities of the software-defined data center. The improvements in the areas of storage, network and compute are fully integrated into the platform and provide the base to meet efficiently the business requirements.

Windows Server Container and Hyper-V Container provide tools for fast iteration and significantly easier DevOps. With Nano Server there is also a new provisioning option, which reduces the footprint for applications and also for the operating system dramatically. By reducing the maintenance requirements and enhanced security, the Nano Server forms the base for a modern application platform.



Protects your business

    • Provides protection against malware and viruses through the built-in Windows Defender
    • Reduced risks at access onto the server through Just Enough & Just in Time administration
    • Protects Windows Server against malware and manipulation through the operation of Secure Boot
    • Protects sensitive data regardless of the location by Shielded Virtual Machines

    Increases the efficiency and productivity of IT

      • Efficient use of servers via Virtual Machines and Windows Container
      • Improved availability through integrated features for disaster recovery with advanced cluster features and replication
      • Advanced Remote Desktop Services with improved performance and extended support for graphically demanding applications
      • New functionalities through Storage Spaces Direct offer increased availability at reduced costs


        • Increased agility of infrastructure through mobility of workloads through the use of virtual machines and container
        • Scalable storage capacity through Azure Storage Services*
        • Reduced complexity in the administration of user identities and security settings in on-premises and cloud scenarios through Azure AD and Microsoft Intune*
        • Simplified management of on-premises and cloud server infrastructures through Azure Remote Server Management*

        *Not out of the box - only available as an additional service


        Link to the Zealbox server

          Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition Datacenter Edition
          Licensing model Not limited, server CALs required
          Core-based Core-based
          VMs 2 VMs Unlimited number of VMs
          Hyper-V Container 2 ** Unlimited
          Windows Server Container Unlimited
          Core functionality of Windows Server + +
          Nano Server As deployment option
          Host Guardian Service + +
          Networking Stack - +
          Shielded Virtual Machines - +
          Host Guardian Services (for virual machines) - +
          Windows Server Container Unlimited
          Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica - +
          *A physical or a virtual entity + Hyper-V
          **Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition enables up to 2 VMs or 2 Hyper-V Container

          Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

          Microsoft offers with Windows Server 2012 R2 a powerful server platform. The WS 2012 suits for SMB and large companies equally.

          Important innovations in WS 2012 R2 are improved power management, the powerful connections of branches as well as the integrated virtualization (Hyper-V). Hyper-V offers the possibility to create and administrate virtual machines directly under WS 2012 R2 without additional software. So there is no familiarization to a new platform necessary for experienced Windows administrators.

          Zealbox servers

          Windows Server 2012 R2

          Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter edition Standard edition Essentials edition Foundation edition
          Virtual instances unlimited 2 - -
          Number of processors - - 2 1
          Licensing model Processor + CAL* Processor + CAL* Server 25 user limit Server 15 user limit
          Hyper-V + + - -
          Active Directory Rights Management Services + + + +
          BrancheCache Content Server + + + +
          BranchCache Hosted Server + + + +
          Direct Access + + + +
          Internet Information Services 7.5 + + + +
          Network Access Protection + + + +
          Remote Desktop Services + + + +
          Server Core + + - -
          Server Manager + + + +
          Windows Deployment Services + + + +
          Windows PowerShell + + + +
          *Client Access Licenses (CALs) are required for every user or device accessing a server