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Areca Enclosures for SAS-/SATA-HDDs or SSDs

Areca ARC-4038
Areca ARC-4038

The ARC-4038 includes 8 internal plus 20 external 12 Gbps SAS ports connection for host and easy expansion. High performance architecture sets new boundaries of industry performance expectations: 12 Gbps SAS or 6.0 Gbps and 3 Gbps SAS / SATA.

The ARC-4038 incorporates the latest enhancements in SAS along with new LSI DataBolt bandwidth optimizer technology. This is designed to help facilitate the industry transition to 12 Gbps SAS-enabled systems by allowing users to take advantage of 12 Gbps speeds while utilizing existing 6 Gbps drives and backplanes.

Using DataBolt, the ARC-4038 buffers 6 Gbps data and then transfers it out to the host at 12 Gbps speeds in order to match the bandwidth between faster hosts and slower SAS or SATA devices.


The Areca enclosures offer in combination with an Areca RAID-controller of the ARC-1883 family an excellent performance.

Areca Storage Enclosures:

Model Host HDDs PSU Enclosure
ARC-4036ML 2x 6 Gbps miniSAS x4 8x 3.5 LFF SAS/SATA 1x 220W Tower
ARC-4038 2x SFF8644 and 1x SFF-8088 8x 3.5 LFF SAS/SATA 1x 270W Tower
ARC-4038ML 2x 12 Gbps miniSAS x4 8x 3.5 LFF SAS/SATA 1x 270W Tower