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Netstor NS170S, internal 5-bay SAS- SATA enclosure for internal RAID-Systems

NS170S with five HDD bays
NS170S with five HDD bays
Rear view NS170S
Rear view NS170S

The Netstor NS170S is an internal enclosure for up to 5 SAS / SATA Hard Disks with "hot swappable" trays. Its built-in 80 mm fan with self-ventilation and an solid aluminium enclosure is optimal for cooling. The user is able to select the Fan Speed on the backside of the enclosure. 

To meet the requirement for best cooling ventilation, three user selectable fan speeds are possible for supporting wide range of hard disks from 7.200 rpm high-capacity SATA drives to 10K RPM or 15K RPM highest performance SAS drives.

Additionally, we offer a huge range of SAS / SATA RAID-Controllers (and cabeles): 




Features and Benefits

  • Supports up to five SAS / SATA (6Gbps) HDDs
  • Aluminum material construction and best ventilation with 80 mm fan
  • Key lock of each of the five HDD trays for physical security
  • Monitoring with LEDs for Power, FAN or TEMP and buzzer alarm (muteable)

Technical Data

Model Netstor NS170S
Host-Interface 5 x SAS / SATA (6Gbps) (discrete connectors)
Controller optional
Disk Interface SAS / SATA II (3Gbps)
Harddisk Drives up to 5 x 3.5 LFF SAS / SATA (6Gbps), hot swappable
Fan 1x 80mm
LED Display on every HDD bay and enclosure
Event Notification Build-in buzzer if fan fails (too slow or stop) or a temperature over 55 °C occurs
Physical Dimensions/mm (Width x Height x Depth) 146 x 126 x 220, 3 x 5.25 FF HH
Operating Systems
Supported OS OS independent
Warranty 2 years