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Netstor NS385S-8028 12 Gbps SAS expansion enclosure with 24 HDD bays

With the Netstor NS385S-8028 SAS RAID controllers and HBAs with external output can run up to 128 hard drives/SSDs.

The NS385S-8028 is provided with a 12 Gbps SAS expander - for high data transfer rates.

Up to five (5) NS385S-8028 expansion enclosures with 24 drive bays can be connected together - for high capacity requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Expansion enclosure for up to 24x 3.5 LFF SAS/SATA 6 Gbps drives
  • integrated 12 Gbps SAS expander for single miniSAS-HD (SFF8644) cable connectivity
  • supports two miniSAS x4 connectors for further storage expansion
  • LCD panel for setup, configuration and alarm mute
  • each HDD tray can be locked by key for physical security
  • LEDs for each HDD: power, activity and failure
  • 4U rackmount enclosure