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Astek A54812-SW

SAS-switch A54812-SW by Astek
SAS Domain Manager Graphical User Interface
A54812-SW Resource Management

The 12 Gbps SAS-switch Astek A54812-SW seamlessly connect multiple servers and SAS storage arrays

The Astek SAS switch extends the capabilities of SAS in Direct Attached Storage (DAS) environments to an actual enterprise infrastructure. By providing an interconnect from multiple servers to one or more external storage systems, the SAS Switch enables medium-sized businesses to take advantage of a cost-effective and scalable high-performance storage network.

The Astek SAS switch allows the construction of a micro-fabric where multiple servers are able to share one or more storage devices. Through the use of zoning, multiple storage domains can be configured. He offers also complete management through SAS Domain Manager Graphical User Interface (SDM-GUI). The SDM-GUI is able to modify port configuration including zoning, firmware management, and viewing the topology of the SAS domain.

As the SAS physical layer supports both SAS and Serial ATA (SATA), the SAS Switch enables a single switching infrastructure that addresses multiple classes of storage by supporting a mix of SAS and SATA drives.

A single SAS Switch can be used in a normal configuration, or two switches can be configured for a High Availability (HA) application where both ports of the storage are connected using redundant paths. If one of the switches falls, the second one will continue normal operation

Technical Specifications

Model Astek A54812-SW
SAS Compliances SAS 3.0
SAS Protocols SSP,STP and SMP
SAS Ports Configuration 48 x 12 Gbps ports configured as 12 x4 Phy Wide ports
SAS Bandwidths Half Duplex Wide Port(4Phys)-48GB/s
Full Duplex Wide Port (4 phys) -96 Gbps
Storage Types 3.0, 6.0 and 12 Gbps SAS and / or SATA
Cable Management Passive Copper Cables up to 6 meters, Active Optical Cables up to 100 meters
SFF-xxxx Optical cable up to 100 meters
Zoning T10 Zoning
Zone Groups & Zone Sets Embedded SDM, Up to 192 zone groups, Up to 16 zone sets
Management Interface 10/100 Ethernet out-of-band
Firmware Field Upgradeable
Connectors SAS, 12 x SFF8644 (Mini-SAS)
Ethernet, RJ-45
LED Indicators Activity – 1 per connector
Link/Fault – 1 per connector
Power Consumption 50 watts nominal (no active cables); 50 watts max
Power Supply Dual Redundant (HA) Hot-Swap 220 W 1 U Supplies - 100-240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
Fans Three (HA) Hot-Swap fans
Size 4,4 x 48,3 x 30,5 cm (1 U)
Operating 0° to 55° C, 5 to 90% non-condensing
Storage -40° to +85° C, 5 to 90% non-condensing