Mit RAIDdeluxe Kapazitäten ausbauen und sparen

RAIDundanz mit RAIDdeluxe

Servers and workstations with too little capacity in the background can be helped promptly: With our attractively priced and robust RAID deluxe systems, we provide large and, above all, fully secured capacities quickly.

High-performance solutions from RAIDdeluxe offer both performance and protection at the highest level. Means: Quality at enterprise level. For example, our systems guarantee extremely high RAID 6 security. At the same time, you do not have to accept a loss of performance in the workflow during the current rebuild. So if a data medium fails, a hot-swap of the defective drive is possible at any time without downtime.

Expand capacities with solid RAID technology

The robust 12 Gbps fast SAS backplanes of current RAID deluxe systems are made possible by an innovative chip design. They get along very well with SATA and SAS standard drives, but also with HDDs and SSDs. This also applies in a mixed configuration. Small to midsize businesses benefit from the superior RAID security, performance and scalability in this class.

SAS expanders allow, for example, expansion via SAS JBODs to up to 256 drives. In addition, the data of the up to 8 GB cache can be buffered via a Flash-based backup module (FBM). Alternatively, a battery backup module (BBM) in lithium-ion technology is also available. With both variants, data not yet stored on the data medium is also retained in the event of a power failure.


Your advantages with Starline:

  • Wide choice of capacities with 12, 16, 24 or 64 drive bays in two to four U
  • Variable Host Port Configuration 12 Gbps SAS, 10 Gbps iSCSI, 16/32 Gbps Fibre Channel, USB and eSATA
  • All systems are equipped with redundant power supplies
  • Dual controllers can be selected in each class

High administrability for chewing capacity expansion

Ausgezeichnete Handhabung vereinfacht die Administration zum Kapazitätsausbau

Viele Wege – reichlich Optionen: Einfach Kapazitäten bereitstellen

RAIDdeluxe offers various options for configuration and monitoring if you want to expand your RAID capacities: Thus the administrator in the data center can already start with the diagnosis at the device. LEDs on the front and back, for example, indicate any faults at any time.

In addition, the mounted and foldable LCD panel on the front provides a lot of important information. Incidentally, the developers have also arranged keys on it so that elementary operating steps can already be carried out there.

In addition, the user has even greater freedom via LAN using the device’s own web interface. There he can adjust the configuration as he wishes, such as creating RAID sets, changing volumes or retrieving SMART data.

Many options to expand capacities

Standesgemäße Konfiguration mit wichtigen Tools, um RAID Kapazitäten auszubauen

Mit Admin-Tools zum Kapazitätsausbau

Professionals will also appreciate the additional options when expanding capacity with RAIDdeluxe: For example, the firmware contains an embedded terminal emulation via the RS-232 port. In addition, the embedded RAID manager, accessible via CLI, Telnet, API and SMTP, is a valuable alternative. SNMP can also still be used via the LAN port.

Tools for Management Information Base (MIB) via SNMP and Command Line Interface (CLI) via Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS and Solaris are also included. In all of these platforms, automated configuration tasks are also available via script, such as creating cron jobs for the event log or reading SMART data from the hard disks.

Finally, ArcSAP Quick Manager can scan multiple RAID units on the local and remote side. This means that the admin monitors the configuration and function of the built-in Areca RAID controller via the management interface.

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Our employees are there to help you expand your capacity: Right from the start, you will receive detailed advice from personal contacts. They are available as well as our technical support five days a week. We even offer a 24x7x4 service.

From service contracts and customs clearance to financing models – we offer everything from one source.


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In 2018, Bernd Widmaier celebrated his 25th anniversary with Starline. With great experience and broad knowledge – combined with high customer orientation – he heads our sales team. However, he also contributes plenty to sales himself and frequently represents Starline externally at events. The VFB fan has an excellent knowledge of various vertical markets, such as Mac, video storage and media streaming, which earns him the exhibition booth support at the IBC in Amsterdam every year.