Easy to install RAID systems with fast Thunderbolt3 technology for Mac and PC

Storage solutions with fast Thunderbolt3 connection

Our range in the area of fast Thunderbolt3 solutions is particularly well stocked because of the many advantages. We can offer many smart storage developments from Areca and Netstor for image editors, audio/video professionals or simply for data backup. Starting with the tiny RAID cube with four drives for mobile photographers. We can even supply large 24 bay rackmount systems with several Thunderbolt3 ports. These storages, however, supply whole working groups via Thunderbolt3. In some cases, they can be expanded via SAS expansion port, especially via JBODs, to provide additional capacity.

The hot-pluggable and fast Thunderbolt3 standard is not only particularly high-performance, it also allows daisy chaining of up to six devices – including the DisplayPort screen. For this reason, a simple and cost-effective infrastructure can be quickly set up in the media office. With our active cables – with a length of up to 50 meters – even several offices can be networked with it.

We also have sophisticated Thunderbolt3 accessories in our range. This means that even unusual storage requirements can be implemented quickly. For example, we offer expansion housings with Thunderbolt ports that can accommodate special PCIe cards. So media professionals can add the capabilities of professional video or audio editing cards to their MacBook Pro.

In addition, our Thunderbolt3 bridges provide a fast connection to other network infrastructures such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel or SAS.
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Your advantages with Starline:

  • Available with 4 to 24 drive bays
  • 40 Gbps to host
  • Active cables with up to 50 meters length available
  • Expandable to hundreds of drives via SAS expansion port (depending on model)
  • optional protection of the cache content per Battery Backup Unit (BBU)
  • LC display, LED and acoustic alarm (depending on model)

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In 2018, Bernd Widmaier celebrated his 25th anniversary with Starline. With great experience and broad knowledge – combined with high customer orientation – he heads our sales team. However, he also contributes plenty to sales himself and frequently represents Starline externally at events. The VFB fan has an excellent knowledge of various vertical markets, such as Mac, video storage and media streaming, which earns him the exhibition booth support at the IBC in Amsterdam every year.

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