Flux-Control Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR) from Toshiba

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Starline partner Toshiba was once again able to report success from the lab: Using microwaves, the developers were able to focus the read/write head even more precisely and thus increase the capacity per area even further.

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More memory through focusing microwaves

In the “Flux-Control Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording(FC-MAMR) technology, Toshiba uses a microwave generator to focus the magnetic flux for writing. Due to this focusing, there is less stray loss and the magnetic bits can be implemented in a smaller area. This also increases the total capacity of the hard disk – with the same number of disks and size. The first generation FC-MAMR as built into the MG09 hard disk drive allows an increase in capacity from 16 to 18 TB with the same number of disks.


High HDD capacities with FC-MAMR from Toshiba

FC-MAMR can use the same magnetic disk material as the previous technology because the microwaves are not used to activate the magnetic particles in the disk, but to focus the magnetic flux.

This allowed Toshiba to introduce the MG09 generation without major changes in the production process. In a next step, this technology is to be further developed: The aim is to switch the microwaves on and off to activate the magnetic particles and thus increase the potential for increasing the storage density on a very large scale. This technology is called “Microwave Assisted Switching – MAMR” or MAS-MAMR.

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