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Open-E DSS V7 with automatic iSCSI/NFS Failover


Mission critical applications make it necessary, that storage resources assigned to the SAN are permanently available. Due to the high price per TB, such high availability can often only be implemented at an immense costs.



The Open-E Data Storage Software (DSS) allows you to realize high availability solutions in a simple and cost-effective way. Connected hosts have their resources allocated via iSCSI targets and NFS shares, which greatly reduces the infrastructure costs and contributes to a flexible allocation.

An expensive FC-SAN is not required, so there are no costs for FC-HBAs and FC switches. Common ethernet components can be used without any problems.



Based on the NASdeluxe systems with Open-E DSS V7 software, it is easy to implement a reliable complete solution with automatic failover. In the case of a failure of one storage system, there will be an automatic switch to the second. For this purpose virtual IP addresses will be configured, which the hosts use for data transfers.

The replication between the two systems occurs synchronous.

Using 10 Gbps network interface cards (NICs), a data transfer rate of up to 500 Mb/s per line are possible between the two NASdeluxe systems. The NASdeluxe systems use NICs from Intel and QLogic.

Open-E DSS V7 provides an intuitive operable web interface for configuration and administration. Assigning cross-system tasks can help automate different processes.

NASdeluxe models of the NDL-4000R/L series are available in different enclosures with up to 72 drive bays. The function remains the same. An additional capacity expansion through additional JBODs is possible.

Complete replication solution with automatic failover
Complete replication solution with automatic failover


Active-Passive iSCSI and NFS Failover

The Active-Passive Failover provides fault tolerance via synchronous Volume Replication for NFS shares and iSCSI targets.

It uses a setup with two nodes in an active-passive configuration. Once configured, all data written to the primary server are replicated to the secondary server. In  case the primary server fails, the software automatically switches all operations to the secondary server. Also, NFS and iSCSI locks are reas-signed to the secondary server after the primary one fails.

Active-Passive iSCSI and NFS Failover
Active-Passive iSCSI and NFS Failover


Active-Active iSCSI and NFS Failover

With the Active-Active Failover Feature Pack for Open-E DSS V7 you can double the performance of your storage system, increase sequential read and write performance by 100% and shorten switching time almost twice, compared to Active-Passive. Reason is the way  load  balancing  in  an  active-active  cluster  works,  utilizing  the  maximum of all storage resources. With no Single Point of Failure the read, write and replication traffic can be balanced on both nodes. If one node fails, the other one takes over automatically and all application services continue to run without interruption.

Active-Active iSCSI and NFS Failover
Active-Active iSCSI and NFS Failover


Benefits Open-E DSS V7 Active-Active cluster

  • Reliable and award-winning storage application containing powerful storage features for an affordable price
  • Excellent compatibility with industry standards: recognizes most industry standard hardware and automatically installs drivers for RAID controllers, FC-HBAs or Ethernet cards
  • Easy to deploy and manage thanks to an intuitive, web-based interface
  • The most stable developed using agile methodologies with continuous integration updates and extensive QA testing
  • Excellent technical support: 1 year Basic Support for free
  • Optimized performance with high data throughput and I/O
  • Scale-out architecture allowing users to expand capacity online, without disruption and compromising performance
  • Field-proven reliability with over 27,000 installations in 100+ countries