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RDX QuikStation

Tandberg Data QuikStation with media
QuikStation with media

RDX QuikStation Removable Disk Array

The RDX QuikStation is a network-attached removable disk array, designed to provide a platform for data protection and off-site disaster recovery for SMB and SME environments.

Die RDX QuikStation is so versatile, that users can configure the appliance in up to 10 unique modes.


  • Flexible configuration - The RDX QuikStation adapts to a broad range of SMB and SME environments for backup, restore, archive and disaster recovery operations. It also provides removable data protection for any or many systems on the same network, and accommodates mixed cartridge capacities.
  • Compatible - RDX QuikStation is compatible with popular backup applications to integrate automated removable disk into existing protection plans quickly and easily. iSCSI connectivity provides for easy integration into existing Ethernet infrastructures for virtual, physical or hybrid environments.
  • Manageable - Built-in web-based management is accessible from any standard web browser and offers user-friendly control through the front panel LCD with multi-language support of configuration, management, operation, status and security.
  • Removable Disk-Based Library (VTL) - The RDX QuikStation is a virtual library (VTL) solution that delivers the cost, durability and removability of tape with the random access and performance of disk. It combines the advantages of a virtual tape library with a physical cartridge library.