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Areca Bridges connect Thunderbolt 3 to SAS or Fibre Channel

The Areca bridge series consists of converter boxes that act as an interface between Thunderbolt 3 computers and SAS or Fibre Channel devices.The bridges use the high-performance Thunderbolt 3 port, which is already installed in many MACs and PCs, to access a professional network infrastructure directly.  This system allows you to process large amounts of data in the form of video and audio streams - also in HD or 4K - from one workstation, while further inbound and outbound data transfers are processed via the interlinked Thunderbolt 3 connection. 

Areca ARC-4108T3
This bridge can be established as an interface to a SAS RAID subsystem or tape library via the double-designed SAS and Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Areca ARC-4607T3
By converting from Thunderbolt 3 to the fast Fibre Channel technology, this interface provides direct access to a storage area network (SAN). The bridge ARC-4607T3 operates at 16 Gbps.



Areca Thunderbolt 2-Bridge ARC-4883T2


The systems are the optimal solution for video editing with real-time multi-stream HD and 4K workflows under MAC OS X and Windows. They run efficiently, without disruption or power loss. The excellent performance allows simultaneously a 4K screen display with a maximum data transfer rate of the external storage via Thunderbolt 2. Thunderbolt relies on the protocols "DisplayPort" and " PCI Express". It is based on several parallel bidirectional channels, where serial datas are transmitted.


MAC with Thunderbolt 2 Interface connected with ARC-4883T2 and SAS JBOD with HDDs

MAC with Thunderbolt 2 interface connected with ARC-4883T2 and SAS JBOD with HDDs


12 Gbps SAS x4
Internal Areca RAID controller ARC-1883x

The external RAID controller Areca ARC-4883T2 allows to connect a high storage capacity to a MAC. It supports external disk enclosures up to 256 SAS / SATA HDDs and 12 Gbps, corresponding to a total capacity of 2048 TB with current 8 TB NL SAS / SATA HDDs.