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Starline offers RAID systems in all sizes and shapes.

Starline sells Areca’s small desktop systems with four to twelve drives, as well as rack-mounted appliances with 12 or 24 slots. Especially the fast Thunderbolt 3-Port is very popular with correspondingly many models.

The small disk arrays from easyRAID are a useful introduction to RAID technology, as they can be installed directly in the large DVD-ROM slots of a PC. Depending on the drive configuration, these can be one to three of these bays. The small extensions are connected to the PC via SATA cable.

Infortrend delivers the large systems up to several hundred drives and variable port placement depending on the product family. Cloud integration, all flash arrays and unified storage systems are the important topics at Infortrend.

RAIDdeluxe also offers a very extensive range of RAID systems in different sizes between 12 and 64 drives. Depending on the RAID controller used, they can also be upgraded to several hundred drives via JBODs. RAIDdeluxe offers devices with Fibre Channel, SAS, iSCSI or USB/eSATA.


Under TopRAID, the high-end class is available at Starline. They can be equipped with 12 or 24 drives, but - depending on the model - can be retrofitted between 96 and 480 bays.


The very compact Netstor system is an extension for individual workstations with large data requirements. It connects to the host computer via Thunderbolt 3/USB 3.2 Gen2 and holds disks up to 10 terabytes in size.


With the configurator for RAID and NAS you can assemble your system individually and ask a quotation.