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Infortrend EonStor A08U-G2421M2 8-Bay SCSI-to-SATA RAID-System

Infortrend EonStor A08U-G2421
Infortrend EonStor A08U-G2421

Infortrend's RAID functionality is unmatched in the industry in terms of its wide variety of array configuration, maintenance, and monitoring capabilities. The SCSI-to-SATA series provides IT professionals with versatile options to meet their needs. The subsystem provides two SCSI-320 host channels with 8 drive bays for SATA-II disk drives in a smartly managed enclosure.

The subsystem combines massive storage capacity with SATA-II benefits, such as high performance and dedicated bandwidth, in a safe environment where the highest level of data availability is assured. High throughput is available by segregating I/O traffic across the separate PCI-X buses, while IOPS performance is delivered through the internal buffer on the XOR engine and CPU with the help of intelligent firmware algorithms.

Features and Benefits

  • Two (2) SCSI-320 host channels; transfer rate up to 320MB/sec per channel
  • Single RAID controller providing complete RAID functionality
  • Designed to use 3Gbit/sec SATA-II disk drives; backward compatible with SATA-I disk drives
  • Modular, passive backplane, high redundancy enclosure design
  • RAID level 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, JBOD
  • High density 2U chassis
  • Optional hot-swappable battery backup units (BBU)
  • Dual-speed cooling fans to reduce system noise
  • Ease of management through an LCD keypad panel, RS-232C terminal, or an Ethernet link (TCP/IP) to a PC running Java-based RAIDWatch manager
  • Real-time event notification by a variety of methods
  • Hardware provider interface ready for third-party management software that supports Windows Server 2003 Virtual Disk Service (VDS)

Technical Specifications

Model Infortrend EonStor A08U-G2421
Host-Interface 2x Ultra320 SCSI (2x VHDCI)
Controller single
RAID Controller 400MHz RISC processor with 512KB embedded L2 cache
RAID Engine ASIC266
Battery Backup optional
Cache Memory 256MB~2048MB DDR RAM (256 MB installed)
Disk Interface SATA II (3Gbit/s)
Harddisk Drives up to 8x 3.5 LFF SATA II, hot swappable
Rails optional
Hot Swap Fan Modules 2
Power Supply 2x 350W, redundant, hot-swappable
AC Input Voltage 100/240 V (± 10%), 47~63Hz
Data Transfer Rate up to 320MB/s per Host
Front Panel LCD and Buttons easy access for configuration and status report
RS-232 Terminal Command Line Interface (CLI) for configuration and status report
Management RAIDWatch manager software for all major platforms via Ethernet port
Event Notification Build-in buzzer, SNMP trap
Operating Systems
Supported OS OS independent
RAID Level 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, JBOD
RAID Features Multiple arrays configurable with dedicated or global hot spares
Online expansion Adding new drives, copying and replacing drives with drives of larger capacity, automatic background rebuilds, configurable stripe size and write policy per array
Environment Specification
Humidity 5%~95%, non-condensing
Operating Temperature 0°C~40°C
Dimension and Weight
Physical Dimensions/mm (Width x Height x Depth) 482 x 88 x 505 (with handles), 2U RM
Weight (without drives) 23.5kg
Gross weight (without drives) 25kg
Warranty 3 years
Service optional

Enclosure management

In addition to RAID protection for the disk drives, thePSUs and cooling modules are both redundant and hot-swappable modules. Even the battery backup module can be replaced online. The rotation speed of the enclosure's dual-speed fans is controlled by the firmware. In critical conditions, e.g., PSU or fan failure, the fan rotation speed is automatically raised to a higher level. Control over caching behaviors is a user-configurable option. In the event of component failures, such as UPS failure or low battery charge, the firmware stops caching write requests in cache memory.

High Performance

Featuring two (2) 64-bit 133MHz data buses, the subsystem's high data throughput is more than sufficient for small-to-medium-sized servers or workstations. Robust functionality and adaptive algorithms facilitate chip-level operation that is already fast and flexible. For example, a timeout can be configured for individual drive response time. If a specific disk drive fails to respond in time, the firmware accumulates data from the adjacent stripes of the array to maintain a fast return of data. The adaptive designs assure throughput for a wide range of applications running on Windows 2000/2003/XP-, Linux-, or Unix-based servers. Ideal applications include disk-to-disk backup, database, file, business network, storage consolidation and others.


The EonStor A08U include a number of interface features to keep users constantly aware and automatically notified of array status. The subsystem comes standard with an Ethernet port for local or remote management using simple telnet protocol or the feature-rich RAIDWatch Java GUI. The RAIDWatch manager provides graphical presentations of array components, monitoring windows, and all configuration options. Additionally, the built-in LCD keypad panel displays event messages and provides onsite access to all firmware features.

Intelligent Drive Handling

If two bad blocks occur on two member drives of an array, the integrity of the stored data is endangered. Media Scan, Infortrend's innovative intelligent drive handling function, retrieves data from the damaged sectors. Media Scan handles low quality drives in both the degraded mode and during the rebuild process. For additional data security, other intelligent drive handling features include the transparent resetting of non-responsive hard drives, power-failure management and bad-drive handling during LD expansion.